Meet Elijah

If you want to win Elijah over, catching up on your Disney knowledge is key. Elijah’s favorite thing to do is to watch his favorite Disney films and videos, softly speaking to them as they play on. More than anything, Elijah revels in his alone time, especially if he is comforted by the familiar sounds of a Disney movie. Elijah has made continued progress when it comes to communication.

Elijah does really well with a routine, and would do best with an adoptive family who is consistent and patient. As his verbal skills continue to progress, an adoptive family who will spend time working with Elijah would be really beneficial for him. Elijah has made some progress when it comes to his basic needs. He likes to smile and gently touch and will greet those he is familiar with happy sounds and a grin. During a meal, Elijah will happily sit at the table and engage with others.

While virtual learning has been a difficult transition for many kids, Elijah’s foster mom is keeping him busy at home while navigating this new world of education. Currently in the 10th grade, Elijah really benefits from one-on-one time and extra attention from his teachers and mentors. An adoptive family who will work with Elijah to continue meeting his academic goals would be a great.

When Elijah isn’t busy watching Disney movies, he likes to line up and play with his toys. (He’s big on organization.) Another favorite activity that relaxes him is watching his shadow on the wall, likely creating a story about shadow creatures from his own imagination. Elijah loves to play video games and watch movies, as aforementioned, but he also likes to get outside. Going to the water park is a particular favorite activity for him.

Elijah has a close relationship with his biological grandmother. An adoptive family who can help nourish that bond will be appreciated.

An adoptive family who is patient, loving, and experienced would be a great match for Elijah. An adoptive family who will keep a routine and support Elijah as he continues to learn and grow would be a nice fit. He would do well in any family configuration, but especially one who can respect his desire for personal space – particularly his own room!

If you can envision sweet Elijah in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.