Meet Josh

Generally a happy kid, Josh is often described as pleasant to be around. With the proper support and reassurance, Josh does really well in his day to day life. Josh is capable of making great progress when it comes to his focus and drive. The right adoptive family for Josh will help keep him motivated while encouraging him to participate in activities in social settings and at school. Josh is a great kid – he just needs the right adoptive family to keep him invigorated and happy!

Swimming lessons have been a really cool part of Josh’s life lately. Like many other kids his age, being able to learn a new skill – especially one as fun and freeing as swimming – is exciting to Josh. Recently, he has also gotten involved in the Special Olympics – another really cool experience for Josh to learn and grow through. Josh’s main passions in life, however, are video games, movies, and television. Josh is really observant while watching his favorite shows – which are often police and crime shows. He excels at remembering character names and faces, which translates into real life as well. Josh is great at navigating his computer and it’s an important part of his life. His future adoptive family should be able to help Josh continue to have experiences away from the computer while also encouraging his passion!

Reading books, learning more about cars, dissecting the latest character or film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Josh has a whole slew of interests that he really cares about and also relies on his interests to bring him comfort and joy. (For the record, Spider-Man is maybe his favorite.)

As he heads into the 8th grade, Josh continues to really enjoy going to school. The opportunity to socialize with teachers and his peers is something Josh values highly. Josh’s classroom environment works well for him. With the one-on-one support of his teacher and mentor, he is able to study, learn, and practice his basic academic subjects. Josh also enjoys running at school and has recently learned how to play kickball and pickle ball!

Josh has a close relationship with his current foster father and would like to maintain that bond in the future. An adoptive family who will encourage Josh to maintain his relationships would be a gift to him.

With the right support in his life, Josh will be able to make great strides in his life. An adoptive family who is patient, conscientious, and loving would be a great fit for Josh. This great kid does well with extra assistance when it comes to staying focused and a clear conversation if something is out of the ordinary. An adoptive family who can continue to teach Josh about consequences and working through his emotions will be especially great. Also, a family who can match Josh’s happy energy would be a great fit!

If you are interested in learning more about the next step, reach out to us! We’re excited to find Josh the adoptive family he deserves.

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