Meet Aerial

On-the-go is the right pace of life for Aerial. She loves filling her time by being out and about, maybe outside in nature or at a museum (the science center and planetarium are always a draw). She even wants to try out camping in the future. At home, she still finds plenty to do. Watching scary movies, catching up on some rest, or playing word search or board games–it’s all time well spent. And there is always space to fit in some drawing or singing, two things she loves.

Aerial is an insightful and thoughtful teenager. She has a strong sense of self-awareness and is a positive advocate for herself. She’s persistent and dedicated to finishing a task set in front of her. Around others, she is frequently offering compliments.

Aerial is looking for structure and consistency in a future home. She says she would like to be somewhat near a city and would appreciate a single parent household where she is the only child, although all types of families are encouraged to reach out if they feel a connection. She specifically calls out cooking as an important feature in a family and home. She would love to be around a family who likes to cook and prepare homemade meals. She may even get her hands in the mix alongside! Pasta and fried foods are among her favorites, and if she had her way, every meal would be Thanksgiving. She doesn’t mind pets, as long as there aren’t too many and they’re well-mannered.

As a Black teen, Aerial has a strong connection with her culture. She would love to be in a home with Black parents or siblings, but she shares that she’s open to a family of any race and background. What’s most important is having the opportunity to invest in her cultural activities.

If you think you could be a good family fit for Aerial, we want to hear from you! She is looking for a permanent home and we are committed to finding her the one she deserves.

Could you see Aerial as part of your family?