Meet Noah

Determined, focused, and honest to boot, Noah is a great kid hoping to find a place to permanently call home. What does Noah do for fun? Just about everything. They love spending time outdoors, especially swimming and camping. They’ve yet to try it but can’t wait to snowboard.

Some of their more specific interests include Japanese domestic motors and after graduation, they’re really interested in going into the welding business.

When asked what he appreciates about Noah, their caseworker says, “I appreciate Noah’s straightforwardness and willingness to talk through things.” He adds, “I have always been impressed with how they think about things and how prone they are to examine ideas deeply.”

Families that value freedom and transparency will be a great fit for Noah. They are hopeful about finding a family to build trust and respect with. As someone who's nonbinary, it's essential to Noah that their future home be LGBTQ+ supportive as well as encouraging of their goals that will help them launch into the next phase of life. They also feel like they’d be a good match for a laid-back family who enjoys the outdoors.

If you can see Noah in your family, please reach out. We’re so excited to help Noah find the adoptive family they deserve.