Meet Keyaisa

Keyaisa is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Strengths: Helping people grow
Passionate about: Her culture
Dream job: An oncologist
Future car: A yellow-goldish Lamborghini

The word smart comes up a lot when talking about Keyaisa. It’s not a throwaway compliment – Keyaisa is super sharp and she knows just how to speak her mind in a way that people actually listen. She’s confident in her ability to help people grow and change. She says that one day, she’ll lead a movement. She kind of already is.

Multi-faceted through and through, Keyaisa has a lot that she wanted to share with the world, from her experiences living in foster care to what she likes best about her dream car, a Lamborghini. When presented with the opportunity to create a new In-Depth Profile, Keyaisa said yes because she’s eager to share all of these things and more, so people can get to know what she’s all about.

Keyaisa shares about her dream car, dream job, and future in this section of her podcast!

When it comes to school, Keyaisa is motivated and proud of her grades. Her favorite subjects are math and science which is intentional as her dream job entails a lot of both. For years now, Keyaisa has had her mind set in the direction of oncology, a career she’s passionate about because of a loss in her family. To turn her experience and grief into a desire to help others gives you a really good glimpse into who Keyaisa is.

While adoption isn’t a main concentration for her at this moment in her life, Keyaisa is open to the possibility of finding a home where she feels heard, safe, and cared for. She’d really like access to her phone so she can maintain her relationships and be able to touch base with her caregivers as needed.

Hear Keyaisa speak about her experiences as a teen in foster care in this section of her podcast.

Keyaisa has a close relationship with her biological brother and would like to maintain that bond throughout their lives, which her future home should support and encourage.

People adore Keyaisa. She’s motivated, driven, and curious. She’s got a great grasp on who she is and where she’s going. Her conversation skills are unmatched and she’s a natural leader who can get a room’s attention with her insight.

Music means a lot to Keyaisa and she wanted to share a few of her current faves!

A home where Keyaisa can continue to build her skill set for the future and strive to achieve all of her goals would be so welcome in her life. If you’re a family who is excited to support Keyaisa in what she wants and needs while meeting her where she’s at, please reach out. We’re excited to help support Keyaisa in all that she desires in her life.