Meet Evan

We're excited to highlight some of Evan's story through our In-Depth Profiles, an NWAE project that engages youth to share directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles™.

Loves: Playing outside
Natural ability: Making rhythms
Can't get enough of: Balloons
Looking for: A permanent family

Evan is a “heart stealer for sure,” according to his caseworker. It’s clear that everyone in his life would agree. Extremely loving and sweet, Evan is ready to be adopted by the right family -- the one he deserves.

What things bring Evan the most joy? Currently, it’s being outside! Evan is a super active kid who is really invigorated by the outdoors, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine. An adoptive family who is willing to build daily outdoor activities into Evan’s schedule will be a great gift, for being outside is a healthy and relaxing outlet for him.

In school, Evan does best when he has individualized attention. He does well with space and patience and will benefit from an adoptive family who will advocate for his education and be there to support and guide him through his school years. Schedules are really important to Evan, both in and outside of school. An adoptive family who is big on routine and schedules will help Evan, academically and otherwise.

Always on the move, Evan loves to play outside, as aforementioned, but also loves to jam out to music, go on car rides, and watch television. Evan likes animals and enjoys observing them -- family zoo trips, anyone? One of Evan's favorite outdoor things to do is visit the park where he'll spend an entire day playing and running and enjoying the sun!

According to Evan’s former caseworker, “you always know where you stand with Evan simply because of how he responds to you.” Evan’s greatest strength is how open he is with his feelings. Though he doesn’t communicate in a traditional sense, Evan is able to share love and feelings in his own way.

Evan has a close relationship with his biological siblings. An adoptive family who will support these bonds throughout his life will be essential.

An adoptive family who has a lot of parenting experience and is calm, quiet, and consistent will be the best family for Evan. If there are other kids in the home, it is important that Evan receives the time, attention and care that he deserves, from an adoptive family who is excited to engage in the things that Evan enjoys while being there for him throughout his life.

Evan is affectionate, loving, and fun. We’re excited to help him find the adoptive family he deserves.

Beyond the profile: I've known Evan for a couple of years now, and during my most recent visit I was amazed at how much he's grown, not just in height, but his ability to communicate and show his feelings and affection too. It was great hearing his caregiver tell stories about how close they've become, and how well he's doing in school and social settings these days. Evan is such a special kid and I can't wait to see him find the permanent family he deserves.

~ Ginger Seslar, Youth Engagement Specialist

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