Meet Joseph

Learning about sports, talking about sports, hopefully one day playing sports – these are the main priorities in Joseph’s life. This kid really loves sports. It’s clear from how much he brightens up when the subject arises. Joseph has been involved in flag football at school and hopes of playing baseball. An adoptive family who is into sports and can support Joseph’s passion will be great.

There are many other things that bring Joseph joy. His Pokémon card collection is a prized possession and something he gets very excited about. He loves video games, but even more so, appreciates the chance to get outside and embrace his active side. Riding his bike is a great activity for Joseph to expend some energy and have a blast while doing so. Lately, Joseph has found a passion for gardening and tending to animals through the 4-H club. He finds plants and animals very entertaining! Joseph really enjoys fishing, as well. It’s perhaps his favorite activity of all. An adoptive family who likes to garden and fish would be such a special addition to Joseph’s life.

Joseph continues to do well in school. His favorite and best subject is reading and overall, he’s very successful in the classroom. His former teacher notes that Joseph does well in school.

Joseph is a very enjoyable kid who leaves a lasting impression on anyone who meets him. He has a relationship with his previous caregivers who continue to want to be a part of his life. They ask about him frequently and often request him to visit them during his extended school breaks.

Joseph will do well in an experienced family with the ability to provide clear expectations and consistency. Joseph does well with his peers and with older children and would do his best in a family with much older siblings or where he can be the only child. Parents who can provide care, compassion, and understanding to Joseph will be a great fit for him. Joseph is ready to experience the joy of a loving family, especially one who loves sports, fishing, and getting outside as much as he does.

If you can envision Joseph as a member of your family, please let us know! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Joseph as part of your family?

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