Meet Madison

Her bead collection can’t be beat – and Madison loves spending time organizing her treasures. Madison loves her beads and spends ample time making sure they remain in good, organized condition. Besides her arts and crafts, Madison really enjoys coloring – both her own creations and within the pages of a coloring book. She also adores her toy cars and toy horses, and she’ll be excited to introduce you to her stuffed animal friends; she’s named each and every one!

A happy kid who often has a big smile on her face, Madison will be a great addition to the right adoptive family. She really likes to be social, but benefits from having quiet time to herself and her own space when needed. She would be very happy and excited to have her own bedroom! She has a lot of fun playing with her peers, but does especially well with adults. Madison has been working on her communication and is able to express herself well to her caregivers, especially with her basic needs.

Currently in the 9th grade, Madison does well in her classroom environment, and when she joins the bigger group for some of her elective courses. Structure and repetition work best for Madison, both in and outside of school. An adoptive family who can help encourage and keep Madison engaged in her education will be really beneficial for her future.

She loves the camaraderie and activities associated with going to summer camp, and extracurricular activities in general. She would do well with a family that would encourage her to explore her interests such as art and dancing. She recently started a dance class after school, and she loves it!

In the past, Madison has done a great job caring for her sweet cat. Madison loves animals and could benefit from an adoptive family who can continue to teach her how to properly care for them. In her free time, you can often find Madison watching dog and cat videos online.

Madison is very close to her current foster mother and would like to remain connected with her. An adoptive family who will support that bond will be essential.

The right adoptive family for Madison will be one who is excited to provide her the lifelong care she needs. Her worker has let us know that she would do well with a single or two-parent family that has a strong and nurturing maternal influence. Madison is a sweet and happy kid who would do well with children the same age or older than her; being the youngest child in the home is something she is used to, but she does very well with other children that are similar in age. She continues to enjoy spending time with adults, so a family with parent(s) who will give her plenty of attention will be best.

If you can envision Madison in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

Portraits by Rachel Seymour, in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.