Meet Nicolias

LEGOs are universal. What’s not to love about building your own world out of your own imagination? Nicolias knows this -- in fact, LEGOs are his favorite thing. He completely immerses himself in the world of LEGOs for fun and as a relaxing hobby when he needs some time to himself. After spending a bit of time playing with LEGOs, Nicolias feels refreshed and ready to take on the next thing in his day.

Nicolias has a growing interest in his Native American heritage. He is especially interested in Native American imagery and artwork. An adoptive family who is either of Native American heritage or who is eager to keep Nicolias connected to his culture will be essential.

As Nicolias has recently started high school, an adoptive family who can cheer him on and support his education will be great for him. Nicolias does well academically, especially with hands-on lessons. With the extra support of an adoptive family, he’ll be able to thrive.

Nicolias is a super sweet kid who deserves an adoptive family to help him continue to learn about life as he navigates his teen years. Positive reinforcement and attention are great for Nicolias, as well as an adoptive family who can be firm but loving. As Nicolias continues to learn the best way to express himself, having an adoptive family and permanent home will help him even more.

Additionally, Nicolias has strong connections to a few members of his biological family. It will be essential for an adoptive family to keep him connected to his other family members throughout his life.

An adoptive family of any configuration will be great for Nicolias. Though he will likely be most comfortable as an only child, Nicolias’s social worker is willing to hear from families with one or two other kids in the home, especially if they can be younger siblings for Nicolias.

If you can see Nicolias in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Nicolias as part of your family?