Meet Nicolias

Nic is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Skilled at: Building - Legos, Knex, puzzles
Passionate about: His Native culture
Collects: Magic cards
Looking for: An adoptive family

If it can be built, you can be sure that Nic (short for 'Nicolias,' which he also goes by) will construct it. He's a teen with an imagination for creation. Legos, Knex, puzzles (including 3-D ones!), you name it. Nic loves settling down for the task at hand. It's centering, refreshing, and is just one of his favorite things!

As a teenager, Nic has a growing interest in his Native American heritage. He keeps and displays a number of important images and symbols in his room, and he is especially interested in Native American imagery and artwork (don't miss his video here on his In-Depth Profile where he walks us through some of them!). An adoptive family who is either of Native American heritage or who is eager to keep Nic connected to his culture will be essential.

Nic is closely connected with his Native American heritage. He had a lot to share!

Nic's interests are numerous. He likes discovering new music, particularly bands in the K-Pop genre. Some of his favorites include Black Pink, Itsy, and Dream Catcher. He keeps an ever-expanding collection of movies too, though is quickest to highlight his favorites: anything from Hayao Miyazaki, the famous Japanese animator who created films like Spirited Away.

As Nic has recently started high school, a future family who can cheer him on and support his education will be great for him. Nic does well academically, especially with hands-on lessons. With the extra support of an adoptive family, he’ll be able to thrive.

Knowing Nic means building, creating, and imagining! Don't miss all of his creations.

Nic created his own In-Depth Profile because he wanted potential families out there to get to know him firsthand. He intentionally chose interests and topics to highlight in videos and photos, excited that he can craft his own 'introduction.' Everything on his page was reviewed and approved by him to share!

Nic is a super sweet guy who deserves an adoptive family to help him continue to learn about life as he navigates his teen years. Positive reinforcement and attention are great for Nic, as well as a home and family who can be firm but loving. As Nic continues to learn the best way to express himself, having an adoptive family and permanent home will help him even more.

Additionally, Nic has strong connections to a few members of his biological family. It will be essential for an adoptive family to keep him connected to his other family members throughout his life.

An adoptive family of any configuration will be great for Nic. Though he will likely be most comfortable as an only child, his social worker is willing to hear from families with one or two other kids in the home, especially if they can be younger siblings for Nic.

If you can see Nic in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.