Meet Aleena

Are you the lucky one who will get to know this amazing young lady? Do you love cooking and are you looking for a fun, loving kid to share this passion with? Aleena loves animals and enjoys creating tasty dishes in the kitchen. She is excited and anxious to meet her permanent family so she can focus on being a “normal teen.”

Aleena likes to wear makeup and loves shopping for clothes. She needs loving adults to pamper her and help her value and pamper her own special self! She loves to spend time with friends and loves to chat about what's going on with their mutual friends at school. She loves listening to music or watching funny videos online. Aleena really cares about others. She’s a good friend and will check in with those she cares about when she sees that they are having a tough day.

Again, we repeat - Aleena loves animals! She is looking forward to having a family who cares for animals too. She desires to have a pet of her own to bond with and care for. A pet will help her develop a sense of ownership and responsibility along with increased appreciation for taking care of and feeling good about herself. Aleena also enjoys meal planning and cooking. In her current placement, she is a great help in the kitchen and her current placement really appreciates the extra hand. Aleena loves to try new foods, especially if she’s involved in the preparation. Are you ready to explore some new recipes?

Aleena works hard and thrives on clear goals and achievements to strive for. She would benefit from a family that will be her cheerleader and help her refocus and bounce back and try again. This applies to school as well. Aleena would benefit from someone who can help her with her math in particular, whether it be her caregiver or additional support. With her future adoptive family's commitment, Aleena can continue developing a new ethic around the importance and long term value of education.

Aleena deserves nurturing support as she works on establishing her own strong sense of self and interests and cultivating leadership. A creative kid, Aleena benefits from encouragement to explore her many talents. She likes art and music as well as making things with her hands. While she prefers to be inside, it will be good for Aleena to have regular opportunities to discover fun and interesting things to do outside. She needs caregivers to model a good balance of indoor time with electronics and adventures being active outdoors.

Most importantly, Aleena deserves a family who is committed to her, for now and for always. She very much desires to be seen and loved, and would thrive with the opportunity to be a family's shining star. Reassurance, encouragement, structure, redirection, and patience are all family qualities that will benefit and help Aleena to grow into the amazing young woman that she is. Aleena deserves a caregiver devoted to building trust, a sense of safety, and to demonstrate again and again that they are there for her. Aleena would do best in a two-parent home with caregivers who are a team and communicate well together. While it would be great for her to be the only child, she would also benefit from living with siblings who are her age or older for her to look toward as mentors.

Aleena can’t wait for this new chapter to begin. She is eager to meet her future adoptive family and begin the rest of her life. She has a lot of potential and deserves parents who are as amazing and special as she is, and who hold the keys to unlock that incredible potential.

Could you see Aleena as part of your family?

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