Meet Omari

Hungry? Omari has your back. Cooking is a major passion for this kid and, according to his social worker, everything he prepares is delicious. Luckily, Omari also loves trying any and all foods and discovering new favorites, so his cooking skills just get better and more expansive.

When he’s not in the kitchen, Omari is creating art. He’s an extremely talented artist in an array of mediums. He enjoys painting, drawing, and sculpting with clay. Omari has such a knack for art that his work has actually been featured at his local art museum! Such a talent.

Omari has lots of other passions too. He enjoys electronics, science fiction, Pokemon, and clipping coupons. He likes to use his imagination to build things outside, and then tear them apart and rebuild them to learn how it all comes together to function. Omari is also pretty sporty and loves to snowboard, sled, and ride his bike whenever he can.

Currently in the 6th grade, Omari does well in school. He’s worked really hard to catch up on subjects that present more of a challenge for him and he’s made awesome progress. His favorite subject is art, of course! He’s a bright kid who would benefit from having caregivers who can cheer him on when it comes to school.

Omari has a close relationship with his biological mother. A home and family that will support that bond throughout his life will be essential.

A family who can provide Omari with lots of patience and support as he slowly transitions into their home will be the best thing for Omari. A permanent place to call home is something Omari would really benefit from and certainly something he deserves. He’ll do well with any family configuration and in a home with or without other kids.

If you are interested in learning more about this polite, friendly, creative kid, reach out to us!

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