Meet KC

A smart and engaging kid who is very fun to be around, KC is a really special kid. KC has a ton of interests, all which he is excited to share with his future adoptive family. Among those many interests are Legos and anything related to comic books and the comic book world.

A super active kid, KC is always excited to get outside and play. He is particularly fond of playing basketball and running track, though he’s likely open to trying even more sports in the future.

STEM activities, particularly robotics, are another of KC’s passions. He’s really interested in learning the hows and whys and all of the behind-the-scenes tricks when it comes to science and technology. An adoptive family who can help involve KC in robotics activities would be really great for him.

Currently in the 4th grade, KC’s teacher has recently commented that she is very proud of him. KC does best with some encouragement and supervision in the classroom, mostly to help keep him on track, but he’s naturally very smart and does well when he wants to do well. An adoptive family who can encourage and support KC throughout his school years will be a great benefit for him.

KC has a good relationship with his siblings and his grandfather. An adoptive family should be prepared to support him in those relationships throughout his life.

KC will do well in most family configurations – a single mom or dad or a two-parent family. It’s important that KC has his own room, or a room he can share with older siblings in the home. He’ll do best as the only or youngest child so he can have older siblings to look up to and who can support him.

If you can see KC in your family, please reach out! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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