Meet Jose

Special Note: Guardianship Family Needed

Jose is eligible for Guardianship, although some situations can turn to adoption over time if the right circumstances occur. Most important is to find a permanent family that will love and nurture him for life. The inquiry process remains the same. Learn more about Guardianship here.

This charismatic, vivacious kid has instant warmth and charm along with a large appetite for life! Jose enjoys learning about new places in the world. Whether it's experiencing a trampoline park, the indoor trick bike arena, or going to the museum, Jose lights up with intrigue. He has expressed interest in soccer and basketball, and will shyly admit that he’s actually really good at basketball! He would really like to play basketball when he gets to high school and would love to have the experience of being part of a team. Naturally athletic, Jose picks things up quickly. Frankly, Jose is one of those kids who is really easy to like and that you want to get to know.

In 8th grade, Jose enjoys history and states his favorite (and he's good at it!) is science. When it’s a topic he enjoys, it’s so much easier to learn! Jose had a pet lizard and now wants a guinea pig which is a natural fit with science! Jose is already thinking about the future. If he could travel, he muses, "I would like to visit Tokyo, Japan because there are lots of languages and lights there. There and Paris, France because of the Eiffel Tower." Although he wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to head to Disneyland or Hawaii, at least according to his foster mother. As to what he wants to be when he grows up: "I want to go into the Navy as I feel more opportunities will come from there."

Jose is close to a variety of people who have been a constant in his life. It will be important for a family to continue these ongoing connections for him. As a young Mexican American kid who has an interest in his culture, it is critical for Jose to have a family who will help support and cultivate his interest in learning more about his Mexican heritage.

Jose’s caregivers will need enthusiasm, energy, and to be very on-the-ground parents so that he can be showered with the attention, love, and opportunities that he deserves. Jose thrives when adults take an interest in his future and get involved in playing, going, and learning with him. He shows a willingness to try new things and in learning about options for his future, especially when it comes to a family.

Jose would do well in a family that can focus on him – to simply delight in the neat kid that he is now and will continue to become! He desires a family that will support him in his interests like playing sports and exploring activities in the community – cheering him on in all. Jose would like to be a part of a family that is willing to love him just for being him. He would like to be with an active family that has an interest in outdoor activities and a love for sports. Jose envisions a family that will attend his school events, host birthday parties, and be there to share in his successes as well as commiserate and support him during tough points in life. Jose would love to have a family who will make him a permanent part of their team, and who will always be there for him no matter what.

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