Meet Kira

Ready for an adventure? Kira loves the game Pokémon Go and will take you on wild adventures capturing Pokémon while traipsing through the park. Creative and fun, Kira has so many interests and talents. Her creativity is best shown through her art. Kira is a talented artist who loves to draw anything Pokémon. Full of drive and ambition, Kira loves to stay busy and is always up to something fun.

Kira also expresses her creativity through music. She plays the cello and is in her school’s orchestra and really appreciates getting the chance to express herself creatively through music. She’s a great performer and loves to have an audience while playing her music.

When she isn’t practicing her instruments, or going for a fun run, you will most likely find Kira drawing, listening to music, or reading a book. She’s also a huge animal lover (calling adoptive families with pets!) and enjoys spending time in nature. Kira recently attended a camp where she got to interact with horses and loved the experience.

Currently in the 8th grade, Kira has made a lot of great progress in school. She practices math diligently and her dedication has really helped her become a great student. Her favorite subjects are music and science and Kira also really enjoys the social aspect of school, when able to go in person. Having great parental advocates to encourage her academic success will really help Kira thrive.

Kira has a close relationship with her biological brother. Adoptive families who can support and nurture that bond will be essential.

Kira is engaging, sweet, and bubbly. Kira’s social worker is excited to hear from families who can provide structure, support, and love to this positive kid. (Also, bonus points if they can keep up with her awesome sense of humor.) Her team thinks Kira will do well with adoptive parent(s) who are supportive, encouraging, patient, and calm. She would also do well with older or younger siblings and would love a home with pets!

If you can envision Kira in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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