Meet Jason

There are 5 things that Jason was particularly excited about sharing with potential adoptive families. You’ll catch his list throughout this profile! Jason’s interests showcase what everyone who has met Jason already know: Jason is a super social and fun, really great, outgoing kid. Some of Jason’s favorite social activities include playing outdoors, learning how to cook and bake, and initiating a family board game night.

In school, Jason is doing awesome. He has made significant strides throughout his schooling years. Jason is on track for his grade level in reading, and is almost completely caught up in math as well. As he enters the next school year, Jason’s dedication to his education is clear.

Jason is a well-rounded kid who is very open to suggestions and new opportunities. He’s recently been really focused on strengthening his friendships and keeping connections with the people he likes to spend time with in his life. He has worked diligently toward building strong relationships with the adults in his life. He thrives with supervision – both in and outside of the classroom. Thorough guidance and mentorship are important to Jason’s development, particularly from positive male role models.

Quite the natural athlete, Jason is a big fan of sports, especially if they are outside. Football, basketball soccer – he likes them all! Jason has shown an interest in adding other sports to his repertoire as well. Jason has a great time playing sports with his peers and finds a lot of motivation in friendly competition. He also loves nature and exploring the great outdoors. He is interested in camping and discovering even more outdoor activities. When he isn’t playing football or staying in touch with nature, you can find Jason playing board games, card games, or video games.

Animals, particularly dogs, bring Jason a lot of joy. He currently lives with a very large dog and the two of them are the best of friends. Jason would flourish with the responsibility of caring for his own pet. It would be a super fun endeavor for Jason and his family to care for an animal together. His sense of responsibility will likely grow with the perfect pup and the right amount of guidance in owning a pet.

Jason is also very involved in church and is open to going to new churches. He has indicated that he wants to continue going to church no matter where he lives, so a family who prioritizes going to church together will be an especially good fit for Jason.

Jason’s social worker highly recommends a home in which Jason will have a positive and caring male role model. A one or two parent family that offers consistency and kindness and would be a perfect fit for Jason. He’d also enjoy having older siblings! And bonus points to any family who loves family games, the outdoors, and dogs. If you think Jason is the right fit for your family, we would love to hear from you.

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