Meet Jillantie

If you catch someone zooming by you, chasing the wind with a giant smile on his face, you may have just met Jillantie. This super active and very happy kid just loves being outside. Hes a real rough and tumble player and doesnt mind getting dirty. To Jillantie, being outside means he gets to breathe in the fresh air, or ride his bike, or do his favorite thing – run really, really fast. Jillantie is also a big fan of shooting hoops and will probably be up for a game of basketball with any of his friends or loved ones.

When Jillantie isnt outside playing, he loves to watch cartoons or play with Legos!

Jillantie is a social kid who really enjoys connecting with adults. As he continues to learn more about social boundaries and how to be a good friend to his peers, having an adoptive family support and guide him will be very helpful.

Currently in the 2nd grade, Jillantie does his best with the extra support of his teacher and other supportive adults. An adoptive family who prioritizes the importance of education and can help Jillantie stay focused and motivated will be great for him as he continues to learn how to engage and participate in school.

Jillantie has a few significant relationships including his biological siblings. An adoptive family who understands and supports those important bonds throughout Jillanties life will be essential.

The best adoptive family for Jillantie will be the family who can guide and support him as he learns the difference between right and wrong and how to cool down when he needs it. Jillantie is a super energetic kid who will really benefit from an experienced family who can love,support, and guide him.

Jillantie will do well in a structured two parent household where hes the only child or the youngest of much older kiddos. Jillantie deserves a lot of attention and time dedicated to him, as he is a big burst of energy! This fun kid would do well in an active family who loves to spend quality time together, either in or outdoors! If you can see Jillantie in your family, please reach out to us. Were excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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