Meet Jillantie

Jillantie is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles™.

Self-proclaimed: Fastest kid ever
Expert at: Building LEGO cities
Always down to: Run around
Hoping to find: An adoptive family

The sky is the limit for Jillantie. All you have to do is keep up! Biking, basketball, running, tumbling, you name it. Jillantie’s enthusiasm for movement and activity is contagious. He loves connecting with adults and having a companion to shoot hoops with or anything else he has set his mind on. Jillantie also regularly shows his silly side and loves to be funny and make jokes. He loves hugs!

If there’s a lego bin available, you can bet that Jillantie will be parked down in front of it. His skilled, creative side comes out when he builds. He loves imagining his own creations without instructions. And anything having to do with trucks or cars? Jillantie is a fan. Monster trucks, fire trucks, police cars, Hot Wheels – Jillantie can’t get enough!

Jillantie is in the fourth grade and stands out with math. He’s a whiz at adding and subtracting and will be doing multiplication soon. Having help at home to keep him on task and continue progressing in school will be a great support. Adults close to him know him as an interested and inquisitive kid. He’s “resilient, honest, and will tell you exactly what’s on his mind.”

Jillantie's caseworker and attorney chat about all of the things that make Jillantie such an awesome kid!

Jillantie will be able to thrive in a family that is active and patient, and can commit to giving him affection and attention. A two-parent household will fit him best, with at least one caregiver who is able to be at home and offer their care, support, and time to him. He would do best with older siblings, so there is a lot of time available to connect with his caregivers. Jillantie really wants to find a permanent family and regularly expresses his desire for that attachment and connection. A future family who will be “calm, patient, and fun” (and would even indulge him in the occasional McDonald’s meal!) really stands out to him.

Jillantie’s caseworker is excited to hear from families who think they may be a good fit and can provide a committed, loving home and family life to this great kid. We hope you’ll reach out to us if you think that’s you!

Could you see Jillantie as part of your family?