Meet Prad and Lorenzo

Prad and Lorenzo are incredibly special kids, complete joys to be around – you can ask anyone. Prad’s coach says he’s an absolute joy to have on the football team. Their previous social worker notes that Prad and Lorenzo were the sweetest kids; kids that are long overdue to get what they deserve – a loving, supportive adoptive family.

Big brother Prad is outgoing, social, and loves sports, particularly football and baseball. He had his first experience playing organized sports recently and has really slid into the role well. He plays football for the school team and has really found his passion. Prad’s sportsmanship is exceptional. When a teammate got sidelined due to an injury during one of their games, Prad made sure he felt included during the team’s celebrations. After they won, the team stormed the football field, but Prad stepped over to his injured teammate to ensure he felt like a part of the victory too.

Prad also enjoys playing pick-up basketball and may be interested in wrestling in the future.

Currently in the 8th grade, Prad’s favorite subject is math. Prad has made great strides academically and will likely continue to thrive with the support of an adoptive family who can support him and cheer him on, both academically and with his extracurricular activities.

Lorenzo is courteous and gentle. Though he likes sports – he may want to play volleyball in the future – he is very interested in the arts. He landed a role in the school play, Into the Woods, and really enjoys singing. Lorenzo is also into puzzles – any kind of puzzle – and can solve a Rubik’s cube in five minutes. Currently in the 6th grade, Lorenzo’s teacher says he’s a joy to have in class.

Both of these kiddos also enjoy riding their bikes, playing video games, and spending time outside, with their friends and peers and each other. Lorenzo really looks up to Prad, who has always been a great, protective big brother to him. As these two adjust to an adoptive home, it will be important for their family to know that Prad needs space to grow and thrive as his own kid.

Another important part of Prad and Lorenzo’s identity is their cultural background. Prad is bilingual and speaks Chuukese and English. An adoptive family who will acknowledge their cultural identity and help ensure they are able to keep close ties to their background will be essential.

The boys’ social worker is looking for an adoptive family who is excited to support, love, and be there for Prad and Lorenzo. If you can see these great kids in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find them the adoptive family they deserve.

Could you see Prad and Lorenzo as part of your family?

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