Meet Angel and Zaayne

When asked who his favorite people are, Zaayne will quickly tell you his aunt, his cousin, and his big sister Angel. Angel counts down the days until she gets to see Zaayne whenever they are apart. It’s safe to say that these two siblings are incredibly close and an adoptive family who will adopt them together is essential. It’s what they want and what they deserve.

With strong leadership qualities and an empathetic heart, Angel is an awesome kid who, even at her age, is involved in so many activities. Angel is really involved in her church and participates in group conversations effortlessly. In church, when asked what her safe place is, she announced that it was her school, which she loves. Currently in the 5th grade, Angel wakes up motivated and excited to go to school every day. Sure, she has a lot of close friends at school, which is part of her excitement, but she also loves to learn and be involved in the different extracurricular activities. Recently, Angel was nominated to be in a leadership committee at school where she gets to speak in front of her whole school at an assembly. She’s very excited!

Angel is also very sporty and enjoys playing various sports. In the past, she attended a basketball camp that she really enjoyed, and she has her sights set on joining the school’s soccer team as well. Angel also participated in a program for girls of all ages that focuses on promoting mental and emotional strength and ends in a fun run. Angel also acted in a stage performance of Jack and the Beanstalk. She does it all!

Zaayne is currently in preschool and gets along with everyone. He’s excited to continue to learn the basics before starting kindergarten next year. Zaayne is very creative and enjoys playing, especially when he gets to create the narrative, which often involves superheroes. Like his sister, Zaayne is super active and really loves to ride his bike, and learn new dance moves. And he’s a very talented dancer at that!

These two kiddos would do well in a single or two parent families, and would do well as the only kids in the home, or with older siblings in the home. An adoptive family who will maintain their relationships with their biological family will be essential as well. Zaayne and Angel will do well with a family who can provide consistent support, structure and quality time to these two awesome kids.

If you can see Angel and Zaayne in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find them the adoptive family they deserve.

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