Meet Jasmine

Jasmine is a charming girl who has waited far too long to join her permanent family.

Jasmine is a happy girl who is described as energetic and inquisitive. Jasmine loves to be the center of attention. Jasmine said it is important for people to know that she is a "cat person", "loves glitter", and "loves pink." When asked if she could visit any place on earth, Jasmine dreams of “Spinachland” and her dream house would be “underground with spinach.” Jasmine loves gymnastics and her favorite thing to do outside is “sidewalk chalk” and “riding horses.” Jasmine see herself as an adult either being an artist, singer, policeman, or “helping old people who can't see.”

Jasmine enjoys doing chores such as feeding the pets, emptying and loading the dishwasher, and clearing and setting the table for meals. Jasmine has a healthy appetite and will eat almost anything - including spinach; ha!

Jasmine tries really hard in school and is highly motivated by rewards! Jasmine really needs a family able to advocate for her educational and developmental needs and to ensure she gets the supports that help her achieve in school. Jasmine’s favorite subject in school is Math. She says that she doesn’t have a least favorite class in school; she really likes them all.

Jasmine has a number of significant connections with people who have been in her life, either historically or currently. She needs an adoptive family who has the willingness and follow-through to continue to support her existing relationships.

Jasmine loves to play with her iPad, especially interactive games which she can play with her friends. She loves to go anywhere (circus, park, taking walks) and generally does well in the community. She longs for a family to dote over her the way she sees other children being indulged. Jasmine likes to snuggle and to know with confidence that she is loved.

Jasmine thrives on clear, concise expectations and a daily routine. Visual reminders with frequent check in's from caring adults are great ways to lay out the day! Jasmine is greatly inspired by positive reinforcement, encouragement and incentives from loving caregivers.

Jasmine will do well in a home with parents that can shower her with individual attention. She will do best in a family that balances structure with remaining flexible and adaptive to her needs and services. Jasmine needs nurturing, committed caregivers with oodles of patience and calm demeanors. Her adoptive parents also need to be willing to participate in or advocate for whatever services or activities that will help Jasmine succeed.

Jasmine expresses that she wants her adoptive parents to be kind and respectful. She says that she also sees herself with a family that has no other kids, has pets; and a family that likes to play anything outside for fun.

Could you see Jasmine as part of your family?

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