Meet Steven

Steven has such a big heart – it’s one of the most important things about him. As he continues to grow up and learn more about his place in the world, Steven continues to be helpful and loving. Nothing makes him happier than making other people happy. It’s just who he is. Recently, Steven has made noticeable progress when it comes to learning responsibility and independence. As he continues to learn how to express his needs and feelings, Steven is clear about one main thing – he wants an adoptive family – a place to truly call home.

As aforementioned, Steven is a kind and helpful kid. He has good friends and is liked by other people. He’s a great conversationalist, especially with caring adults, and likes being around other people. In the 8th grade, Steven works hard in school, especially when he receives the one-on-one support he thrives with. Steven’s favorite part of school is likely the Robotics Club, which he really enjoys being involved with. Steven is also a natural athlete and likes to try a bit of everything. He has wrestled in the past, and though it’s not his favorite, he was willing to try it! He currently plays football and basketball and really enjoys both.

In his spare time, Steven really loves playing video games or with Legos. He’s a tactile learner and enjoys any hands-on activities. Family activities are really special to him and nothing is more exciting than a family game night. Of course, watching television, movies, and various shows are all also on Steven’s list of favorite things to do. Additionally, Steven finds self-expression by drawing. He’s very artistic and very talented.

Steven has a tightknit relationship with his biological brother and would like an adoptive family who will help him support and nurture that bond throughout his life.

An adoptive family who can provide Steven with the support and love he needs to be successful will mean everything to him. A family that can provide Steven with clear guidelines and lots of quality time and attention will be important for his future, especially as he navigates his teenage years. A home with older siblings or where Steven can be the only child will be the best fit.

If you are ready for lots of family game nights, please reach out to us. We are excited to find Steven the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Steven as part of your family?

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