Meet Khaleeya and Jayze

"They are the sweetest kids... I would take them if I could. Seriously they are the best." ~Caseworker

Special Note: Guardianship Family Needed

These siblings are waiting for a loving, committed family who can provide long lasting care. While adoption is not an option at this time, they still need permanency through a guardianship family. Learn more about Guardianship or Long Term Foster Care here.

Allow us to introduce you to Khaleeya and Jayze, two adventurous, high-energy, and tight-knit siblings looking for their permanent family!

Khaleeya, or “Kiki,” enjoys jump roping and gymnastics. She’s excited to try out cheerleading someday and is hoping to find a family who loves to travel. Khaleeya would especially like to go camping and enjoys going to the lake. Currently in fifth grade, Khaleeya is an avid reader and does very well in school. While she doesn’t particularly enjoy math, her foster parents say that she does not struggle in math or any other subjects. Khaleeya’s foster parents also share that she is very sweet, pleasant, helpful, and gets along well with the other kids in the home.

Jayze is a happy and artistic kid. Jayze would love a family that likes to go bowling and swimming; one of Jayze’s biggest goals is to become a better swimmer! An avid sports fan, Jayze would love the opportunity to play basketball and soccer. Jayze is in second grade and has been making great progress at school. He’s also come a long way in being able to speak up for himself and taking alone time when he needs it. Full of energy, Jayze’s foster parents say he would do well in a home where he has lots of outlets to channel that energy into.

Both Khaleeya and Jayze would love to have pets, either a cat or a dog depending on which of them you ask! They are very open to different family compositions and would like to have siblings though. Khaleeya and Jayze typically wake up for school around 6:30am. After school they like to play and hang out at home before eating dinner together as a family and going to bed around 8:00pm. Overall they’ve expressed that they want a family that goes on adventures and likes to travel.

Khaleeya and Jayze have various connections with members of their biological family that they will want to maintain. Khaleeya and Jayze’s team are looking for calm, mature caregivers who can provide Khaleeya and Jayze with the structure and consistency they need and who will be supportive of them as they build trust and understand that it may take some time.

If you think you could be the consistent and supportive permanent family that Khaleeya and Jayze need, please let us know! We can’t wait to help this wonderful sibling duo find the permanent home and family they deserve.

Could you see Khaleeya and Jayze as part of your family?