Meet Lilly and Jazzy

Both described as intelligent and articulate, Lilly and Jazzy are two awesome kids who hope to find the right adoptive family together. Though they share plenty of interests and a tight bond, these two are definitely individuals, each of who will bring a lot of joy to the right adoptive family.

One of Lilly’s greatest passions is music. She’s currently in the school choir and really enjoys it. Lilly will snatch up any chance to sing. When she isn’t practicing her latest song for choir, Lilly is most likely watching YouTube videos from National Geographic, or maybe a human interest story. She’s a big animal lover and people person and really enjoys learning everything she can about both. Lilly is mellow and relaxed, though she has her silly and excitable moments as well.

Lilly is currently in the 4th grade. She loves to read, both in school and for fun at home. Recently, Lilly has been really into the Dog Diaries book series and also finished the entire Santa Paws series. As you may expect, her favorite class is choir, though she also loves computer class as well. Jazzy is currently in the 1st grade and enjoys being in school. She especially loves the chance to be creative and learn even more about her artistic skills. Jazzy is also a big reader; her current favorite series is The Magic Tree House. Both girls enjoy school and get along well with their friends and peers.

Jazzy is a big fan of her ballet classes and would certainly like to continue doing them in the future. She is excited to show off her ballet movements to anyone who has a moment to spare – she’s really on top of the terminology and movements associated with ballet. In the future, she’d really like to attend a ballet academy. Jazzy is wise beyond her years and has a lot of personal views and opinions on life, including her passion for her faith. She stays busy and has a lot of energy – which is one of the reasons she loves spending time outside.

Both girls love the outdoors. The chance to ride bikes, play in the water, play at the park, or even just soak up the peace of being outside is great for Jazzy and Lilly. Both of them could easily spend hours outside.

Jazzy is also a natural artist and spends creative time drawing animals and people and captioning each image with a short sentence. Like Jazzy, Lilly is a bit of an artist. Both girls love to paint and color.

Both animal lovers, Jazzy and Lilly enjoyed caring for the rabbits at their former foster home. They currently reside with pets, including a bearded dragon and a turtle! An adoptive family who can raise these kiddos to provide animals with as much care and respect as possible would be a great life lesson for them.

These two sisters would do best in a home with a strong maternal presence, though all families are encouraged to inquire. Jazzy and Lilly would do fine in a home with other kids, or where they are the only two. As they each continue to become more social and learn about the world around them, having an adoptive family to help guide them would really help them thrive.

If you can envision Lilly and Jazzy in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find them the adoptive family they deserve.

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