Meet Jazzmyne

Jazzmyne is a kid with undeniable talent. From drawing to photography, and her newest passion, jewelry making, Jazzmyne is in her happy place whenever she gets to be creative. Even her clothes and make-up reflect Jazzmyne’s artistic nature as she loves expressing herself through fashion. Jazzmyne is happy to share her interests with others too. She will gladly sit around a table with friends or adults in her life, coloring pictures, teaching how to make jewelry, or showing off her latest photos. Connecting with people she cares about like this is important to Jazzmyne, and she loves to make people laugh with her quick wit and clever jokes.

When she’s not inside focusing on an art project, Jazzmyne loves to go to the mall or the park with her friends, check out new stores, and explore the world around her. The gym is another favorite place of Jazzmyne’s where she can release some of her energy exercising; weightlifting has become one of her favorite stress relievers.

In line with her creative spirt, Jazzmyne is good at expressing her thoughts and feelings and enjoys meaningful conversations. She is a thoughtful communicator and always tries to cheer people up when they’re feeling down, celebrate others’ successes, and empathize when they’re feeling frustrated. In short, Jazzmyne cares deeply about the people she’s closest to and shows it well.

Jazzmyne started high school this year, something she’s been looking forward to and is excited about. The social aspect, variety of classes, especially art classes, and working toward her future are all things that make her happy and keep her engaged. She hasn’t decided what her favorite subject is yet, but she is excited to learn and explore the opportunities high school will bring both socially and academically.

Jazzmyne has had some trepidation about being adopted but has slowly come around to the idea and is now looking forward to finding a family she can be herself around and get the love and support she needs and deserves. A family who can dedicate time and attention to Jazzmyne, and really get to know and appreciate her and all of her wonderful qualities will be ideal. Jazzmyne's team is particularly excited to hear from families in southwest Washington or northwest Oregon in order to keep her connected with her community.

If this sounds like you, and you can see Jazzmyne as part of your family, please reach out! We’re excited to find this awesome teen the wonderful family she deserves.

Could you see Jazzmyne as part of your family?