Meet Senoble

A polite, smart, and funny kid, Senoble is a joy to be around. More than anything, he wants to find the right adoptive family that can provide him with the love, support, and sense of belonging that he deserves.

Currently in the 5th grade, Senoble does really well in school overall. When he gets distracted, his teachers are able to motivate him to continue doing his work. Senoble gets along well with his peers and has a couple of close pals in the classroom.

At home, Senoble really enjoys creating big, colorful worlds with his Legos. Of course, he enjoys playing video games as well. Always excited to get outside, one of Senoble’s favorite things to do is shoot hoops and/or play a game of basketball. Being active is really important to Senoble, so basketball is a great outlet for him to do so. Participating in activities and projects that encourage Senoble to use his mental focus is also really beneficial for him.

An animal lover through and through, Senoble really likes cats and dogs. Senoble has even been known to train his foster family’s dog to do cool tricks!

Senoble is a thoughtful and empathetic kid who will do really well in the right home with the right family. He does best with consistency and predictable routines, and as he continues to work on expressing his feelings, would do great with a family who values quality time and open conversation. Senoble is often described as a good problem solver who knows how to cooperate and brighten the room.

Senoble would do well in any family configuration, as long as the family is welcoming, warm, and patient. If you can envision Senoble in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the family he deserves.

Could you see Senoble as part of your family?

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