Meet Kris and Fayln

Kris and Fayln are hoping to find an adoptive family who is excited to provide them a home together. These two kiddos have a great relationship full of all of the joys of having a sibling and will make a great addition to the right family.

Riding his bike, playing some video games, coloring, or just generally playing outside are just a few of Kris’s favorite things. Kris would really benefit from getting involved in even more of his favorite activities. For example, he recently joined a wrestling team and has really enjoyed that experience. Kris is also getting more and more in touch with his creative side and has recently joined an art club!

Currently in the 5th grade, Kris is really focused on writing, reading, language, and math. As he continues to make progress in some of the tougher school subjects, he would benefit from an adoptive family who values education and will be a cheerleader for Kris as he navigates his school years. Kris has made noticeable improvement when it comes to group work and being in the classroom. He’s very proud of himself when he does well on homework and really likes to share his achievements with others.

Like her brother, Fayln is interested in coloring, playing games, and arts and crafts. She also really likes the chance to play with her toys – namely her Legos and American Girl dolls – and to spend time on her tablet. Fayln is an athletic, active, articulate kid who is super conversational and loves to chat. Fayln has a great sense of humor and really enjoys community groups like school sports teams and clubs. In her downtime, Fayln also enjoys reading.

Fayln is also an up-and-coming cook and loves food and helping to prepare meals for the family. She’s a really dedicated and responsible kid who enjoys caring for the family chickens! Through this role, she’s really learned a lot about responsibility.

Currently in the 4th grade, Fayln is continually working on improving her skills in the tougher subjects in school, though she is definitely showing growth in subjects like math and reading. As she continues to work on being a member of the classroom, Fayln would also benefit from an adoptive family who will help encourage and motivate her in school.

Both of these kids really appreciate one-on-one time with their caregivers. Positive attention, a warm environment, and encouragement are all things that Fayln and Kris value. Kris and Fayln will do well in a home with a single mom, or a two parent home with a strong maternal presence. They would do best as the only kids in the home or with older siblings.

If you can envision these two great kids in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find them the adoptive family they deserve.

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