Meet Aubrey

Did someone say glitz and glamor? Sign Aubrey up! There are few things Aubrey loves more than the opportunity to get dressed up and show off her latest outfit! She’s also a big fan of painting her nails. It’s no wonder this creative kid loves all things art and fashion.

When’s she’s not busy designing the next runway-ready outfit, Aubrey also loves playing games. Any kind! Board games, card games, video games—as long as Aubrey gets to spend quality time with the people around her, she’ll be there. One of her favorite games to play is Uno.

Aubrey has also been into swimming lately and hopes to continue this fun new activity.

Entering the 7th grade, Aubrey is excited to keep succeeding in school! She has been doing exceptionally well, and last fall was awarded a student of the month award. Aubrey has really enjoyed the social aspect of school and has loved being able to make friends and connections within her community. She’s consistently trying her hardest and achieving great grades along the way. Last year, she got involved in choir and loved it!

When first meeting Aubrey, you’ll quickly learn that she is a huge animal lover. So, a family that has pets or is willing to have pets in the home would be wonderful for her.

Aubrey’s team would love to hear from all types of family configurations, most importantly they’ll provide Aubrey with the attention, care, and love that she deserves! Families who can spend plenty of quality time with Aubrey will be important as she heads into her teen years. To ensure she receives this quality time, Aubrey has said she would love to have a family all to herself, so preferably no other children in the home. A family who will invest the time to build trust and get to know Aubrey (and help her get to know herself) will be key.

A family who shares Aubrey’s cultural background would be ideal. A Black family who could help her continue to learn about and embrace her identity, provide invaluable mentorship and continue to grow in her confidence would be a strong force in her life.

Aubrey's team is looking for a family that has some medical experience or who is willing to learn, to be able to support her current medical needs. Also, families located in Eastern Washington are especially encouraged to reach out.

If you can see Aubrey in your family, please reach out to us. We're excited to find her the permanent home she deserves.

Could you see Aubrey as part of your family?