Meet Beyonka

One of the most important things in the world to Beyonka is her sweet little kitten. Beyonka really wants to be adopted, but even more importantly, really wants to make sure her kitten gets to come along with her. Clearly, she’s an animal person. Besides her strong bond with the kitten, Beyonka has really learned a lot working with horses and will be doing so again this summer.

An active, outgoing, independent kid, Beyonka really enjoys getting outside. She absolutely loves swimming, has played basketball in the past, and is looking forward to doing gymnastics (along with horse camp) this summer. Whether through playing various sports or participating in outdoor events, Beyonka just really loves to be active. When she isn’t running around outside, Beyonka likes to shop and also has a knack for arts and crafts.

As long as she’s busy, she’s happy.

A very social and engaging kid, Beyonka is a really likable person. Beyonka is engaging and talkative and really feels comfortable around most adults. She really enjoys school and wants to be on the leadership team next year. She’s a great self-advocate and will probably make a great fit for leadership. Though she likes being in school, Beyonka will definitely benefit from an academically driven family who can encourage and motivate her to stay focused on her work.

Beyonka has a close relationship with her biological siblings. An adoptive family who will maintain these bonds will be essential.

Beyonka will do well in a family with one or two parents, especially with a strong maternal presence. Beyonka loves to be busy and active, but will probably do best as the only child or as the youngest of older siblings. A family who is excited to get outside and play while providing Beyonka with patience, love, and structure will be a great fit for her.

If you can envision Beyonka in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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