Meet Jai "JJ"

Jai, or JJ as he is affectionately called, is quite the curious kid! He loves to explore and soak in new information at his own pace. He is easily self-entertained, but also loves to interact with his trusted adults. One of JJ’s favorite things is “helping “around the home, imitating his caregivers as they engage in tasks and chores. He especially likes to organize – taking things out of drawers, boxes, bags and stacking things up.

JJ knows what he likes and how he likes it – everything from food, to his daily routine and preferred activities. JJ enjoys being outdoors, going for walks or being pulled in his wagon. He is active, always on the go, and does best when he has lots of activities he can cycle through with the freedom to explore. He likes to sort toys and objects and is skilled at matching up his shapes!

JJ has come a long way and continues to amaze those around him! JJ will let you know what he needs through using his body language, the use of an adaptive communication device, and the sign language he is learning. JJ has some members of his biological family that want to stay in contact once he’s been adopted, so his adoptive family needs to be open to navigating these relationships in a way that is safe and beneficial for JJ.

JJ enters Kindergarten this fall and needs adoptive parents who can be strong educational advocates in keeping him involved with the school supports that he needs. JJ has a strong network of connected adults and professionals in his life and it will be important that his adoptive family is committed to keeping him connected to this network and are open and willing to learn and participate alongside him.

JJ thrives in a quiet home where he receives a lot of individual attention. JJ deserves a committed family who can help provide him with routine and structure, while being flexible and adaptable to his needs. JJ will bring tremendous joy and love to the lives of the lucky family ready to welcome this amazing kid into their home! Please let us know if you think you could be the right adoptive family for JJ. We’re ready to help him find a permanent home where he can be provided with the love, stability, and predictability he deserves.

Could you see Jai "JJ" as part of your family?