Meet Ben

Ben is known for being amazing at everything that he does! Impressively, Ben has taught himself how to play both the acoustic and electric guitar. He loves to skateboard and longboard. Whether it’s climbing trees, playing sports, or lending a helping hand, Ben excels at it all. He is a charismatic, funny, and smart teen.

Ben is an easygoing kid. He has good relationships with the adults in his life, who describe Ben as being a caring and kind youth. Ben appreciates being able to have open and honest conversations, and having the time needed to cultivate mutual trust in his relationships.

Ben gets good grades at school and enjoys being there. He also liked being on the school track team and wants to continue playing sports! Community is important to Ben, and he likes to spend time at his youth group, socializing and playing music with other kids.

Ben has one sibling that he wants to stay in contact with once he’s adopted. An accepting home that can provide Ben with structure and routine and who will be diligent about maintaining open lines of communication will be important for him.

Ben has been clear about what he’s looking for in his adoptive family! He is very much open to moving out of state, and his team is especially looking forward to connecting with families from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. He’s interested in being the youngest child in his home and would appreciate having older siblings. He thinks it would be great if his adoptive family shared some of his musical tastes, like rock and metal. Having a family that enjoys spending time together, playing games, and outdoor activities is important to Ben. Ben would also like to be able to share his love of hunting and riding four wheelers with his adoptive family.

Ben has his eyes set on the future and is hopeful that his adoptive family will encourage and support him in attending college! Ben has a special love for cats and would like a family who already has a cat(s) or would allow him to adopt one. If you think you might be the adoptive family that this kind, active, and intelligent teen is looking for, please let us know! We’re eager to help Ben find his permanent home.

Could you see Ben as part of your family?