Meet Robyn

Robyn is an amazing kid who wants to be adopted. Even if she has nerves around the thought of the future, she’s eager to find a place to call home forever. There are some significant relationships in her life that any potential adoptive family who reaches out should be aware of—her sibling means a lot to her.

Being the center of attention isn’t for everyone but Robyn loves it. An event like a photoshoot or something that makes her feel super special is an ideal situation for Robyn. With her big imagination, Robyn could probably direct her own photoshoot too! She really enjoys creating, imaginary play, drawing, and puzzles. When she’s outside, you can catch Robyn roller skating or riding her bike.

Currently in the 6th grade, Robyn loves school. Her favorite subject is reading and her least favorite is science. Robyn does her absolute best when she has the right supports and motivation from her teachers and caregivers.

Her caregiver says she appreciates how often Robyn checks in with other people, calling her a “very caring person.” Robyn really listens during a conversation and always remembers important details to help her learn more about the person she’s speaking with. Robyn genuinely likes to get to know others.

A ray of sunshine when she walks through the door, Robyn’s caregivers echo the sentiments shared by everyone else. They say they appreciate how, with Robyn:

“Every day is a fresh start.”

She’s theatrical and silly and is excited by new adventures, like a recent field trip to the YMCA to go swimming. Robyn was so excited to tell people every bit of her YMCA trip which is just like her. She’s always eager to include people in her happiness.

When asked what Robyn wants to share with potential adoptive families, she’s sure to mention she wants pets and siblings. Robyn really wants what she calls a “full” family. Robyn also wants families to know adoption is a little scary but she’s excited to have a family with pets, siblings, and neighborhood kids to play with.

If you can see Robyn in your “full” family, please reach out! We’re excited to find her the permanent home she deserves.