Meet Mariatu

Mariatu is amazing. A kind and caring young person, it’s amazing to see Mariatu grow in the use of her voice to advocate for what she needs and deserves. When it comes to adoption, it’s super important to Mariatu to move in with a Black, Indigenous, or other people of color (BIPOC) family who will not only be able to understand her whole identity, but who can help her navigate what it means to be a BIPOC person in the United States.

One of her favorite things to do is cook traditional dishes from her home, Sierra Leone. It's a great way for Mariatu to stay connected to her culture while also showing love to people in her life. For fun, Mariatu also enjoys shopping, hanging out with friends, and listening to music.

Currently in high school, Mariatu is interested in college but is not quite sure what’s next. She’s currently exploring her interests by taking classes like ceramics, food science, history, and language arts.

Mariatu would really like to join a family with other children and is also looking for a family who will emphatically support her desire to stay connected to her culture and roots, as well as the family she has in Sierra Leone. Her team is happy to hear from families anywhere in the country, as she is not tied to Washington State.

An amazing teen who deserves a permanent place to call home, Mariatu is eager to find a family who sees and supports her. If you can see Mariatu in yours, please reach out!