Meet Destiny

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"I'm a very social person and very fun to be around!" ~Destiny

And isn't that the truth! Smart, enthusiastic and interactive only begin to describe this engaging young lady. At a recent gathering, all of the adults in the room were just captivated with the positive energy and resilient spirit of this youth.

Smart, enthusiastic and interactive only begin to describe this engaging young lady. Destiny is for sure a let's-stay-involved kind of girl! She loves to be on the phone with buddies, writing stories with her friends, going to school and diving full force into any type of artistic endeavor such as drama or choir. A performer at heart, Destiny savors being the funny character in a play and recently played the Grandma in "Little Red Riding Hood." Not surprisingly, Destiny wants to be an actress when she grows up. Her favorite music artist is Halsey, but she embraces numerous genres, including pop/hip hop, country and Christian music.

Destiny has also historically succeeded at sports. She has had fun playing volley ball, is considering trying out for basketball, and will definitely try out for cheerleading. She is brave and willing to try many athletic challenges! Now let's get to the serious part: Destiny is a cat person. MEEEOOOWWW!! No really! Destiny is a serious and puurrrfect fan of all things feline. She simply adores the cats that her current foster parents have. An animal lover in general, Destiny generously makes room in her heart for peacocks and dogs as well.

Typically in good health, Destiny is up to date with her medical and dental care. Her favorite meal is a classic steak and mashed or baked potatoes. She thinks enchiladas are one of the best inventions, and she loves a local Mexican restaurant. Destiny is still learning about things like nutrition and healthy foods. She reports that she loves to cook! Besides being an actress, she would entertain the idea of also being a chef when she grows up. (Hmm, acting + cooking = could there be a cooking show in her future!?) A family who could consider cooking with her or spending time in the kitchen preparing meals would be wonderful.

Destiny is at grade level and on track to graduate on time. A good student, she typically gets As and Bs. Destiny's favorite class is science, and her least favorites are math and Spanish. It will certainly come as a shock to all readers that her ultimate #1 fav classes are anything to do with drama, music, or choir. She is an authentic on-stage gal!

Destiny has assorted folks to stay connected with, including her current foster family who will be a support for her and her new family as she moves forward toward an adoption. Like many young teens, Destiny really values telephone and friend time so these are things that help to motivate her to strive. Those ongoing extracurricular activities are also very motivating for her. Destiny thrives on the social scene at school. Her ebullient personality helps her to make friends easily, it's just hard to avoid that off-stage high school drama. When Destiny is busy, she is at her best! She loves and needs to have a full schedule with a plethora of different activities. She is a social butterfly to the core.

Destiny is ready to look to her future and is hoping that a family will think she is a "just right" fit for their family. Once you put in the time and patience to gain her trust, Destiny opens up in return. The investment in this close relationship enables her to reveal to you how she is really truly feeling about how her life has been to this point. She needs to know that there will be a family out there who will commit to her for the rest of her life. A family that nurtures and supports a strong positive self-esteem would be best.

A young woman of faith, Destiny has historically been raised attending church and attends church with her foster parents. Church is very important to her! Destiny states that she would like to continue to attend, even if her adoptive parents choose not to go with her. She loves and really values her youth group in particular.

Destiny mainly just wants and needs a family who will take the time to get to know her and really allow her to be herself without expectations, pressure or guilt. She needs to be able to shine bright - both on and off stage - as the incredible girl she truly is. She will likely do best as the only child or the youngest in the family.

Destiny wants a family who will be her "forever parents." Naturally, she dreams of a family who likes and has animals, in particular (meow!) cats. Destiny welcomes multiple types of open-minded families, including same sex parents or a single parent. She agrees that while she enjoys having younger siblings, she would like - and really needs- to be the youngest so she can soak up the spotlight with all that adoring parental attention focused on her. Destiny wants a family who will come see her sing in the school choir, or act in the school play. Destiny wants a family who will cheer her on in sports and support her in getting good grades. Are you ready to make this charismatic young lady the center stage and star of your life? If so, pull up a seat and settle in for the most meaningful and lasting performance ever!

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