Meet Layla

Charismatic and engaging, Layla is at ease interacting and showing off her talkative nature with folks of all ages. Layla is sweet, enduring, and strives to do well. She is kind to animals, playful, and fun-loving. She is also creative, observant, and resourceful. Layla’s interests are multifaceted—she definitely enjoys keeping busy! She enjoys arts and crafts, reading, singing and dancing, music, and is interested in continuing to try new activities.

Layla can often come across as wise beyond her years. She's great at providing kudos and reassurance to those around her, and deserves to receive that same consideration in return. Layla wants to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. She will stand her ground when she feels there is any injustice towards herself or those she cares about. Layla also enjoys playful interactions and getting to just be a kid, letting her imagination and creativity run abound.

Layla helped create this introduction video to share with prospective families.

Layla is working hard in school. She does best in smaller classroom environments where she can get more of the one on one attention that helps her thrive. Layla has a wonderful network of supportive adults in her corner, included an invested Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), her caseworker who knows her well, and other strong connections including members of her biological family. Layla wants contact with all of these important people throughout her life.

Layla does best in a home where there is a high level of predictability and she has the support of a loving adult to help her get through the day. Caregivers who are patient, kind, loving, consistent, and who have the time and dedication to provide Layla with a structured environment will be the best match for her.

Layla's team is in search of an energetic, patient, and understanding adoptive family for her. Layla has been successful in her current home and her team knows she'll continue to do so with adoptive parents that are invested in her ongoing growth and education. Her team thinks Layla would do well in a home that has one or two other kids, especially if they're older kids who she can look up to, though she wants her own room! An active family who enjoys engaging in a lot of different activities would be a great fit for Layla.

Layla has expressed that she'd like to have two parents and if possible, a sister. She would love it if her family had pets. She is interested in learning more about religion and would like to go to church with her adoptive family. With her own background of African American, Mexican, and Swedish heritage, Layla is interested in families of all ethnic backgrounds.

Layla is ready for the ongoing stability and security that an adoptive family will provide. If you can see this charming, creative, and playful kid as a part of your family, please reach out and let us know! We're excited to help find Layla the adoptive family she deserves.

Could you see Layla as part of your family?