Meet Sharnell

No one has more fun when she’s dancing than Sharnell, a true dancing queen. There are so many things in her life that bring her joy – making slime, learning something new, listening to music – but nothing comes close to the happiness she feels when she’s dancing.

Sharnell is really an awesome kid. She has a beautiful, creative imagination that shines when she’s doing something fun, like playing with her L.O.L. dolls.

Other things Sharnell enjoys are family-based activities. Going out to eat with her family where they can chat and share good food is a favorite pastime. Sharnell also enjoys helping out in the kitchen, learning to cook delicious, nutritious meals alongside her foster mom.

Heading into the 7th grade, Sharnell loves school. She always makes friends and this past school year was no exception. She maintains a positive attitude about school, even when she finds a particular subject challenging or is navigating a social situation. It’s no surprise to hear that Sharnell’s teachers always gush about what a joy she is.

And she is a joy! Sharnell is very caring and loving. She wants potential adoptive families to know that she loves to make slime and play games, though she has her eye on some new, exciting hobbies in her future. Sharnell wants families to know she’s eager to get involved in cheer, swimming, and basketball. Perhaps most significantly, Sharnell is very close with her big brother. Families who reach out to learn more about her should be aware of the precious and important bond they share.

Okay, there‘s more! Sharnell has expressed that she’d really like to be in a family with a mom, dad, and sister around her age. She thinks it’d be awesome if they also had a dog and lived in a two-story house. Note: Sharnell does know these things may not be possible and she wants all families to know she’s excited to find a permanent home.

Her team encourages all families who are interested to reach out and connect about Sharnell though more specifically, they’re hoping to find a family who will reflect Sharnell’s worthiness back to her. She’s been working hard on self-care and self-love and will thrive in a family who can pick up that work and help her carry it on.

If you’re interested in learning more about this joyous, loving kid, please reach out. We’re excited to find Sharnell the adoptive family she deserves.