Meet Sharnell

If there’s music, she’s dancing! Sharnell can’t resist a great song and dancing makes her happy. In fact, a lot of things make Sharnell happy: music, crafts, dogs, her friends at school and so much more! Sharnell is often described by the adults in her life as a joy to be around. She really loves connecting with people, and is always ready to play a game, chat about interesting topics or lend a helping hand where needed.

Sharnell has an inquisitive mind and loves learning new things. Recently, she’s been spending a lot of time in the kitchen learning how to cook healthy meals and trying out new recipes. Science projects are another favorite pastime of Sharnell’s. She really enjoys making things like slime and playdough, and is fascinated by the process, but of course playing with the finished results is the best part. Sharnell not only enjoys these kinds of activities, but she also loves sharing how they work and teaching others how to do them. Sharnell just might be a budding science teacher!

Currently in the 8th grade, Sharnell loves school and does well in her classes with a little support and extra attention. A family who can help her with her homework and be a great advocate will do wonders to ensure Sharnell continues to succeed and advance in her academics. Sharnell is really into school sports too, she recently participated on her school’s wrestling team where she did awesome and had a ton of fun. She would love to try swimming on a team, cheer, and track in the future and loves going to football games as well, so a family who can also be involved with her extracurricular activities would be a great fit.

Sharnell is eager to be adopted and has expressed that she would love a family with a mom and a dad, a two-story house, and a dog. She is equally excited about having siblings. Sharnell understands that might not all be possible, and, really, she just wants to feel accepted and be loved, so almost any family configuration could work. Proud of the progress she’s made over the past year practicing self-love and building her self-esteem, a family who will reinforce and support as she continues this work will be ideal.

Sharnell’s team would love to hear from any family who wants to really get to know Sharnell and all of the wonderful things that make her, her. If you think this is you, please reach out! We can’t wait to find Sharnell the permanent family she deserves.