Meet Jasel

Find her on the court - Jasel is both a volleyball and a basketball star, always eager to practice and play. And, to our understanding, she’s excellent at both sports, basketball in particular. Loving and kind, Jasel is so much more than a great athlete; she's such a good person too. Her honesty and ability to tell you just what she wants is a gift, as is every joyful conversation with her.

As she enters her junior year, Jasel is such a great student and continues to be proud of her grades. She’s not quite sure where she sees herself in the future. Maybe a veterinarian, maybe a nurse…

Jasel is very open to adoption and is eager, albeit a bit apprehensive, about finding the right family fit for her. When discussing permanency and adoption, she has regularly shared that her ideal adoptive family would have at least one Black caregiver in the home.

Jasel’s team is excited to hear from potential adoptive families interested in learning more about this wonderful kid. If you think you’re the right fit or want to learn more about Jasel, please reach out. We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

Could you see Jasel as part of your family?