Meet Zoey

An outdoor enthusiast, Zoey has so much fun exploring nature. He particularly enjoys fishing and would probably have a great time with a family who can match his enthusiasm for being outside.

While indoors, Zoey is an avid gamer—of all sorts. He loves to play Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering as much as he likes to play soccer and basketball. Actually, Zoey is a phenomenal basketball player!

Kind and friendly with a wry sense of humor, Zoey is a really great person. He’s increasingly future-oriented and his self-advocacy skills are sharper all the time. Zoey is great at not only setting goals, but achieving them too. He knows the importance of making short-term sacrifices for long-term gains.

As he heads into his senior year, Zoey continues his trend of taking school seriously. He’s proud of his grades and other successes in school.

When asked about Zoey, his caseworker says he respects how he has “persisted through difficult challenges to always be his best self.” He also shared a story demonstrating Zoey’s persistence.

“Recently, Zoey decided he wanted to get a job and since that time has been rapidly cutting through barriers and working in depth to get working on this; even setting up a mock interview with this worker to prepare! His dogged pursuit of his goals and dreams is inspiring, especially for a kid who has had so many setbacks.”

Zoey’s team is eager to hear from families who can meet him where he’s at when it comes to adoption and permanency. Zoey is interested in being adopted but will need a family who can understand the apprehension he has toward permanency.

If you can see Zoey in your family, please reach out. We’re excited and hopeful to find him the right family and place to call home.

Could you see Zoey as part of your family?