Meet Nae Nae

Nae Nae is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Expert on: Arts & crafts
Not-so-hidden talent: Singing
Future goal: Attend nursing school
Looking for: Her adoptive family

Spending time with Zhiane, who mostly goes by Nae Nae, is a real gift. Organized, quick, funny, and driven, Nae Nae knows just what she likes, what she wants, and where she’s going. Nae Nae likes to spend her time doing any number of things; going for walks or runs, hanging out at the park, watching a movie or beloved TV show at home, Nae Nae is up for almost anything as long as she’s got someone by her side to experience it with.

Nae Nae has so much going for her, and so much to share. She was immediately interested in the idea of doing an In-Depth Profile and getting to be the one to tell her own story. She's incredibly dedicated to finding the adoptive family that’s going to be the right fit for her.

Nae Nae wanted families to get to see her in action working on one of her favorite crafts: diamond art!

Arts and crafts are at the top of the list of things that Nae Nae likes to do most. Whether its bracelet making, coloring, diamond art, or improving her drawing skills, Nae Nae is an incredibly creative teenager. She’s got an eye for photography and wanted to make sure to include a few of her favorite shots as part of her In-Depth Profile (see below!). She also uses cooking and baking as an outlet for her creativity, one she admits that she could certainly stand to get better at as her culinary skills currently stand at the level of "burning water."

In general, Nae Nae is the kind of person who would rather help out than let anyone struggle on their own. Funny, kind, and always striving to make the people around her happy, Nae Nae is an amazing kid. With her caring nature, it's no surprise that Nae Nae wants to go into nursing or teaching someday. In her own words, she thinks it's "important to give back." When asked what they appreciate about her, Nae Nae’s social worker says she’s very caring and “thankful for what people do for her.” Her foster parents echo that sentiment and add that she’s a “sweet girl.”

A sample of Nae Nae's photography, from left to right: a snow capped mountain against a blue sky, a close up of yellow and pink flowers in bloom, and water droplets on a crunchy looking brown leaf settled in the green grass.
Photography is just one of the many ways Nae Nae loves to express her creativity.

As she goes into her sophomore year of high school, Nae Nae is rocking all of her classes and has enjoyed the online experience. She says she’s looking forward to a “fresh start” at a new high school though. She’s really enjoyed getting to play volleyball and would love to continue to do so. She also loves to sing and would be up for joining a singing club someday, or starting her own if one doesn’t already exist!

Nae Nae really wants to be both “seen and heard” by her caregivers. It’s very important to Nae Nae to continue having a relationship with her biological siblings. Any potential adoptive families interested in learning more about Nae Nae will need to support and cherish these relationships alongside her. Nae Nae values quality time above almost everything else, and looks forward to getting a lot of time and attention in her new home. She does value privacy as well though, and would love to have her own room if possible. She would also be thrilled if her adoptive home includes one or more dogs.

We had a great time working with Nae Nae for her In-Depth Profile, and wanted to share more about how it all came together. Tune in for some hilarious behind-the-scenes moments!

Nae Nae knows that she wants to be adopted and looks forward to having a place to permanently call home. Her team is eager to hear from all families, though the fewer other kids in the home the better so Nae Nae can get the real quality time she so deserves.

We can’t wait to hear from if you’re interested in learning more about this incredible kid who is always striving for her best in everything she does. We're excited to help Nae Nae find the adoptive family she so wants and deserves.