Meet Jackson, Hunter, and Kennedy

Jackson, Hunter, and Kennedy are such sweet and fun kids. Their team is looking forward to finding an adoptive home for them to grow up in together!

Jackson is a very happy and loving kid. He loves to be close to people to get his cuddles, but will otherwise hang out on his own. Jackson enjoys swimming, being outside, bouncing around on trampolines, and generally loves to stay as active as he can. Jackson loves a good sensory toy or activity! He loves to use chewies and long rubber snake ropes that he can stretch and chew on. Something as simple as blowing some air near him will result in a huge smile. Jackson also adores climbing on play structures and swinging on swings.

Happy little Hunter is often smiling bright. Hunter is interested in animals and quite adorably loves to babble at chickens and other creatures. He loves to be outside, and especially loves the beach. Hunter has a special affinity for water and has so much fun splashing around at a water table. Hunter will climb trees and run around in the grass whenever given the chance. Hunter also likes to listen to music; he will happily keep the Winnie the Pooh soundtrack on repeat if you let him! Hunter truly enjoys being close to the people that he cares about. He loves to be around others and in the thick of the action.

Kennedy is quite the happy-go-lucky kid. Affectionately referred to as “a ham," she loves to get attention and praise from others. She will clap her hands when others clap for her and reward you with a big smile. Like her older brothers, Kennedy loves being active. She is happy to go along with others on errands, but is also content staying at home. Kennedy likes to draw, play in the park, and listen to music. She loves farm animals and is very interested in picture books that have images of animals on them. She is doing a great job learning her words and has an extensive vocabulary for her age! Curious Kennedy is interested in many things. She likes playing with plush animals, as well as with cars and dolls. Kennedy is really fascinated with band aids at the moment - she often has them all over her arms like stickers!

Jackson is currently in the first grade. He’ll benefit from having an adoptive family who can be strong educational advocates to make sure he gets all the support he needs, both now and in the future. Jackson's team knows he'll benefit from creative and adaptive adoptive parents who can support him in continuing to learn lots of different ways to communicate. Hunter is currently attending preschool through Head Start and also has some extra supports to help him at school. Kennedy is not yet school age but is still learning new words, reading, and exploring her own interests with her current caregivers.

Jackson, Hunter, and Kennedy have strong birth family connections and visit regularly with one another and their relatives. They are a fun and engaging trio who would benefit from a family who can support each of them as the unique individuals they are. Continuing to keep them connected to their current supports and loved ones is a must! Could you be the nurturing, ready-to-grow family who is ready to accept this amazing trio into their life? If so, Jackson, Hunter, and Kennedy’s team can’t wait to hear from you.

Could you see Jackson, Hunter, and Kennedy as part of your family?