Meet Royce

Royce is excited to share some of their story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Strong advocate for: Self-love, youth empowerment
Bonded with: Their dog, Cinnamon
Goals: Go to college, get a job
Looking for: A permanent family

Royce (who also goes by "Roy") is the kind of teen who prefers to be busy, Royce likes the hustle and bustle of a full house. They are someone who makes friends easily, likely due to their super engaging personality. They are warm, kind, and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Royce seized the chance to make an In-Depth Profile, because speaking for themselves deeply resonates with them.

Royce loves all animals and all animals love Royce. There’s a special connection to horses in particular, and their team is hoping to enroll them in a program where they can work closely with horses. They also have a dog named Cinnamon who, though currently not living with Royce, is high on the list of friends they like to visit. Needless to say, finding a future home where Roy can have a dog would be awesome.

Royce has been very invested in creating their own In-Depth Profile, so families can hear straight from them. Their deep desire to share and communicate through their own words has made the entire process a perfect fit for them. It's particularly important to Royce to share that they are looking for an affirming and accepting home. Royce uses both "he/him" and "they/them" pronouns and is fine with others using either.

Royce is a strong advocate of self love and being true to who you are.

In school, Royce works hard and enjoys classwork and learning in general. This past year, their ASL class has brought them a lot of joy and has opened up dreams of being able to use sign language in a future job, or at least to continue helping others. In the nearish future, Royce wants to get a driver’s license, a job, and is very motivated to graduate high school. It's Royce's goal to go to college and find a job to help support themselves too.

As a seventeen year old, Royce has their sights set on the future. Right now, that includes dreams of going to college and finding a job to help support that dream. But they are also content with the joys found in a just being a teen. When asked what ahead of him is exciting, Royce replies: "Friendships. And driving so I can pursue those friendships. And sleepovers, because right now I can't have any."

A teen of many talents, Royce wanted to talk at length about learning sign language.

Royce really wants to do well, and is a great advocate for what they want and need. Their social worker appreciates their desire to do well and how much they care about those around them, noting that Royce "wants them to be happy as well.” Royce can be a very reflective teenager, and communicates their appreciation for the adults in their life who are helping them get to where they want to go.

When it comes to finding a permanent family, Royce is excited and hopeful at the thought of being welcomed into a loving and permanent home. Like mentioned before, Cinnamon (Royce's dog) is very important to Royce and they would like to be reunited with him one day, or at least live somewhere that has and loves animals too. Royce also has a relationship with their aunt that is important to maintain. A future family who will support that bond is essential.

Any conversation with Royce quickly brings up their dog Cinnamon, as well as other interests like horses and art!

Any family configuration will work for Royce, as long as they are both LGBTQ+ friendly and animal lovers. Royce and their worker are hopeful to hearing from families who feel like they might be a good fit for Royce and help be a supportive bridge into adulthood for them. If you feel a connection to this great teenager, please reach out! We’re excited to find Royce the future home they deserve.

Beyond the Profile: From the very first time Royce and I talked about working on an In-Depth Profile, they were all in. Designing and creating a page to introduce themselves - and lead this piece of the family search process - mattered deeply to Royce. And to see them lead with honesty, humor, thoughtfulness, and direction was so, so cool. Royce was also immensely appreciative throughout our creative process together, and expressed how moving it was for them to see their sharing reflected back during the review stage as well. Royce is excited to know that families will hear from them first. Royce's poise, their way with words, and their ability to express what they're looking for - now and in their future - was nothing short of astounding to me. I told Royce this during our review call, before publishing their In-Depth Profile, and it's worth repeating here: they are a teen with so much going for them and it was an absolute pleasure getting to work together to help their words reach potential families out there.

-Nick Baumgartner, NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist

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