Meet Sylar

Name an activity and Sylar has likely given it a try. Hockey and football? Yep. Playing guitar and clarinet? Of course! Tennis and soccer? We’ll let you guess. Sylar loves sports for many reasons, but especially enjoys school sports where he can play with his friends, with football being his biggest passion. If he’s not watching it or playing it, he’s talking about it! Outside is a wonderland where Sylar enjoys hiking, wakeboarding, riding his BMX bike, or really trying any possible new outdoor activity he can. Two of his favorite places are the trampoline and skate parks where he can really have some fun. Sylar has plenty to do indoors as well. In fact, he recently has a new hobby up his sleeve, or should we say, under his hat – he’s been learning magic tricks!

Currently in the 7th grade, Sylar is working hard in his classes. It is well-known that Sylar likes doing “science stuff,” and he often thinks scientifically, both in and outside of the classroom. It will be a great benefit for Sylar to have the support and guidance of adoptive parents who will encourage his efforts at school. Outside of school, Sylar has enjoyed attending youth group at church. He’s very social and likes to sit down and talk with people, especially if it’s a calm and welcoming environment.

Sylar’s foster family appreciates what a great sense of humor he has, and how fun and outgoing he can be. His social worker appreciates Sylar’s sweet nature and willingness to negotiate and compromise in order to come to an agreement.

When asked what Sylar hopes to find in a future home, he says a family that is nice, is mostly based in or near a city, and who lives near neighbors he can be friends with. Sylar wants to be assured that someone will help him with his homework if he needs it, and he really wants his home to have animals. He used to have a big, nice dog that would curl up and sleep with him, making him feel nice and protected. He’d like a family that will let him help cook meals.

And what Sylar hopes to hear about from a family is whether or not they have a yard, back or front! He’s curious what a family does for fun, how they spend their spare time, and if they like sports. He’s interested in if the family wakes up early or late, what food they most like, and if they also don’t prefer red meat but like chicken sometimes. He prefers a family that isn’t racist, and would really like it if they have a game console.

Sylar wants families to know he’s been through a lot and is nice. He wants them to know he enjoys other children, knows how to clean his room, and has been an incredible support for younger kids in the past, though he really wants to be the only child in a new home. He wants to share that he’s very honest, likes to read, enjoys playing the guitar, and:

“I look forward to meeting a family and hope they will read this.”

Sylar’s team is eager to hear from one-or-two parent families with no other or much older adult kids, as Sylar likes and deserves a lot of quality one-on-one attention from his future parent(s). Most importantly the team is excited to hear from families who can provide a loving, welcoming home to Sylar. He deserves it.

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