Meet Aydin

“It’s easy to tell when he’s happy. His whole body shows it.”

Aydin is an affectionate and enthusiastic teenage boy, whose happiness is contagious. The thing that makes Aydin the most elated is music. He is drawn to the calming sounds of instruments and the deep beat of a solid rhythm. Aydin is always appreciative when he can spend some time with his favorite tunes. When Aydin received his first MP3 player for his birthday, it only made his love of music stronger.

Aydin communicates using sign and his tablet. He is continually making progress in the language and has begun to use some spoken words. He is learning more and more sign language throughout his life as he works closely with his teachers and mentors to communicate effectively. Aydin needs a lot of support and continues to make progress with day-to-day activities that will help him achieve a bit of autonomy as he navigates his teenage years.

Now in 10th grade, Aydin still loves going to school. His classroom environment is supportive and provides him with the kind of care and encouragement he needs to be successful.

Though music is his happy place, Aydin has other interests, as well. He loves being outside and enjoying the fresh air and natural surroundings. One of his favorite activities is swimming in the pool, where he is free to glide and splash around in the water. Bowling is another favorite activity; Aydin is always striving to get that strike! Aydin also loves movies! His favorites are Spirit, Curious George movies, and The Land Before Time. Dinosaurs are a common theme for Aydin – he also cherishes his dino toys, as well as his stuffed animal collection.

Aydin would do well in a family of any size, particularly as an only child. He would also do well with older siblings that may act as role models and friends to this young teen.

Experienced parents that have the tools and resources to support Aydin as he continues to progress with his own individuality would be beneficial. Aydin is a loving and kind person who would like to find a family to love and care for him throughout his life. Aydin is a great kid with a big heart, who will need a lifelong commitment and support from a caring and dedicated family. If you are interested in learning more about a great kid, please let us know! We would be so happy to find Aydin the adoptive family he deserves.

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