Meet Michelle

Michelle is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Aspiring: Rapper
Loves: All things cats
In the future: Would like to travel!
Looking for: The right adoptive family

Very bright and highly creative, Michelle is friendly and energetic. She values staying busy and puts much of her energy into creating art and raps. Michelle really enjoys drawing, coloring, crafting, and art in general. She’s a kid with a large imagination and big dreams – which shines through in her creativity.

One of the most important aspects of Michelle’s life is music. She could spend hours listening to music, singing, and rapping – she has a real knack for it! In fact, she hopes to be a rapper one day. Her current favorite artists are Roddy Rich and NBA Young Boy, and she would love to attend her first concert as soon as possible. She is also becoming very fashion savvy and enjoys expressing herself through her clothing choices. Also – anything with cats in, on, or near it is right up Michelle’s alley. One of her favorite cats in TopCat, the famous 1960's cartoon. Michelle even wanted to include a picture of it on her In-Depth Profile for reference!

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Michelle loves to write and record her own raps! She wanted to share one she's particularly proud of.

In school, Michelle continues to benefit from a small classroom environment with lots of one on one attention, and lots of good support in place to help her be successful. She has worked hard and made a lot of educational growth in the past year or so. Michelle does really well with lots of positive energy and encouragement around her – in and outside of the classroom. She deserves an adoptive family who will champion her as she continues to progress in school will be hugely beneficial for her future.

Michelle's drawing of Nature Cat from PBS

Michelle has strong bonds to her previous foster parent and to her biological siblings and their adoptive parents. She will want her adoptive family to be willing to help her maintain these meaningful and important connections.

Michelle says she loves "all things cat," especially Top Cat the cartoon

Michelle would do best with patient, experienced nurturing parent(s) who will value her strengths and encourage her artistic abilities and other interests. An adoptive family who can provide plenty of structure and lots of one on one attention will also be great for Michelle. Michelle really thrives with a positive example; someone who can teach her how to think and speak optimistically about herself and the world around her! Michelle will do best as an only child or as the youngest of much older or adult siblings. Michelle is very hopeful to find an adoptive family as a teenager. One of the regions she has mentioned is southwestern Washington State, but she and her worker are hoping to hear from any family that may think they're a good fit, in any area.

An adoptive family who will support and encourage Michelle will be such a gift to her. If you can envision Michelle in your family, reach out to us today!

Could you see Michelle as part of your family?