Meet Cameryn

The past three summers of Cameryn’s life have involved art camp. Art camp is more than just art camp to this very creative and artistic teen. Cameryn’s room is always filled with his drawings and sketches, more and more all of the time. And that’s not all -- he has countless note and sketchbooks filled with his artwork. It’s clear that art means everything to Cameryn; he seems to become more at ease when discussing his work. His strongest connections seem to be over a conversation about the world of art and what he’s working on.

K-Pop is the soundtrack to Cameryn’s life. He’s very passionate about the genre and has several posters of his favorite K-Pop band hanging around his room. The first time his social worker met Cameryn, he was wearing a face mask to pay homage to the members of his favorite band. And though his musical passion is predominately K-Pop, he knows the dance moves to plenty of songs from plenty of genres and will enthusiastically perform dance routines in the car. He greatly enjoys 90s and 2000s alternative punk, pop, and rock and will excitedly engage in a conversation about musicians from these times. When it’s time to watch TV, Cameryn most enjoys gritty dramas like Criminal Minds and The Walking Dead.

Cameryn is personable, kind, and considerate. He's always willing to lend a hand and be a support to his friends, and he does so with unique grace and compassion. His social worker calls Cameryn an empathetic sponge” and adds that he always works to make sure others are included and feel comfortable in any given situation. Cameryn is a super supportive kid who, his social worker adds, “helps the underdog and is always willing to be a mentor to others.”

Currently in his sophomore year of high school, Cameryn does well in school, especially with the support of his educational advocates and mentors. Cameryn is a fierce advocate for his education and is in consistent communication with his teachers to check in about how he’s doing. He has no problem reaching out to his team for support and help when he needs it!

When asked what his social worker most appreciates about Cameryn, they share that he is “overall an awesome teenager who continues to persevere and advocate for his own needs more and more.” They go on to add that Cameryn is “extremely personable and easy to get along with.” As Cameryn continues to advocate for himself and his needs, his team can see how much he is coming into his own.

Cameryn has a very witty and sarcastic personality and is ready to provide a pithy retort when the opportunity presents, though even in his humor, Cameryn is always respectful of those around them. His current caregivers say that they have been "really impressed by how well-read and knowledgeable Cameryn is.” They continue, adding that they “often make comments about history or culture that go over most teenagers’ heads, but Cameryn usually understands.” His caregivers, like his social worker, also add that he likes to joke around at home and is “really funny!”

When asked what kind of family Cameryn hopes to find, he says the he hopes they are open to and supportive of the LGBTQIA+ community. He says that he is hopeful to be one of, if not the only child in a home, but is open to any family configuration in the end. It’s important to Cameryn that potential families know that he does not practice any particular religion and needs a family that will support this decision. And lastly, Cameryn hopes families who prefer game and movie nights to grand outdoor adventures will reach out!

Cameryn’s team adds that he prefers a soft and quiet environment and values clear communication from his caregivers. They’d like to hear from families who fit that description, and would especially like to hear from LGBTQ+ families.

If you can see Cameryn brightening up your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the cozy reading nook he deserves.

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