Meet Aliyah

Dolls, Pokémon, Elsa from Frozen – these are a few of the things Aliyah loves the most. Equally important are Aliyah’s love of art. She is a natural artist and is very creative. She enjoys getting involved in an art project or simply coloring. Art is a really comforting activity for Aliyah, who really benefits from time to sit and be creative.

Currently in the 3rd grade, Aliyah is navigating education during the pandemic very well. Having extra educational support to keep her on track and help her tackle tough subjects is beneficial for Aliyah. An adoptive family who is invested in Aliyah’s schoolwork will help her continue to thrive.

There are important biological connections in Aliyah’s life that will need to be maintained. Potential adoptive families should be excited to support the bonds in Aliyah’s life, as well as help her understand the many different ways a family can look.

Aliyah’s team is excited to hear from experienced families who will help Aliyah transition into their home and family. They are especially eager to hear from families without pets where Aliyah would be the youngest or the only child in the home. Overall, her team thinks a calm, patient home is likely the best fit for Aliyah as she gets used to a new environment.

If you can see Aliyah in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the loving home she deserves.