Meet Flynn

It's safe to say Flynn is a people person. Even after briefly spending time with them, their social skills shine through. Flynn seems to be able to communicate and relate to any person in any walk of life, anytime. They’re friendly, helpful, and truly themselves. There’s just no one else like Flynn.

When asked what he appreciates about Flynn, their caseworker said their humor, innovativeness, and personality. He adds:

“They are outspoken, joyful, and focused on the future.”

Everyone agrees that Flynn has such a great sense of humor. They're also a great self-advocate and as passionate as they come. Of those passions, art reigns supreme. Flynn is super creative and loves to reflect and create through drawing and writing.

Whether it’s bowling or going for a hike, Flynn is up for new adventures and familiar ones too, especially if it involves animals. They absolutely love creatures big and small and would enjoy being in a family who has pets. Their passion for animals also extends to their commitment to animal rights and environmental justice. Flynn also wants families to know they are LGBTQ+ and specifically want to find a family who will support them in their identity and interest in supporting their community.

One part of their incredible social skill set is Flynn’s ability to solve a problem. Their personality lends itself to helping any friend with any problem. Most important to Flynn is the happiness and health of their friends. Flynn values the rights of other people and animals very highly, and will be among the first to speak up if they fear they or another living being is being mistreated.

Currently in their freshman year of high school, Flynn’s favorite is culinary class with their eyes on potentially becoming a psychologist one day, which further highlights their passion for helping others. Flynn's social worker has seen these qualities firsthand, and adds: "They don't try to hide who they are. They are genuine and truly try to help everyone they can."

A home that will provide that kind of love, advocacy, and support right back to Flynn is just what they deserve. There are also important connections in Flynn’s life that will need to be prioritized and embraced by the people in Flynn’s life.

When it comes to moving forward, Flynn has asked that a new family be mindful and give them time to become acclimated to a new environment and household. While they’re unsure about what permanency looks like in their ideal future, Flynn is open to hearing about the awesome families that want to get to know them too. Flynn’s caseworker knows they’ll do best with an LGBTQ+ affirming family who will give them plenty of patience, time, and love.

Flynn is a really great person with a big heart. If you can see them in your family, please reach out! We’re excited to find Flynn the affirming, loving home they deserve.