Meet Lane

One of Lane’s biggest strengths is their social skills. They are an excellent communicator who's able to relate to any person in any walk of life, anytime. Lane has such a great sense of humor, is a great storyteller, and has so many other wonderful qualities to share. Art is a big passion of Lane’s, who is super creative, has really strong artistic skills, and is very open to trying new styles. Actually, they even developed a business plan on how they’ll create resin crafts and sell them as a part-time career.

Whether it’s bowling or going for a hike, Lane is up for new adventures and familiar ones too, especially if it involves animals. It's key to note that Lane absolutely loves creatures big and small and would enjoy being in a family who has pets.

One part of their incredible social skill set is Lane’s ability to solve a problem. Their personality lends itself to helping any friend with any problem. Most important to Lane is the happiness and health of their friends. Lane values the rights of other people and animals very highly, and will be among the first to speak up if they fear they or another living being is being mistreated. A home that will provide that kind of love, advocacy, and support right back to Lane is just what they deserve.

“They don't try to hide who they are. They are genuine and truly try to help everyone they can.” Lane’s social worker

Currently in their freshman year of high school, Lane is a great student who has no problem vocalizing when they need extra support tackling a subject. Their passion about equality is quite influential when it comes to involving others in their cause. Lane is all about animals and equal rights and will often seek out ways within the community and their home to get those around them to share in that passion.

Lane's current home provided an example of how Lane puts their compassion for animals to work:

"Our neighborhood has a handful of strays cats that like to hang out around our house. Lane began leaving cat food out by front the door, and for Christmas asked for a cat tree and an outdoor bed to leave on our porch. Over the course of a few months, they created a small makeshift area for these cats (who now regularly stick around), and have since partnered with one of our staff to collect the cats who were noticeably sick or needing of care and bring them to the local vet or shelter. So far this has led to one cat being adopted and another treated and returned to the neighborhood healthy and happy.”

There are important connections in Lane’s life that will need to be prioritized and embraced by potential adoptive families. It’s very important to Lane to have all of the people they love in their life.

When it comes to moving forward, Lane has asked that a new family be mindful and give them time to become acclimated to a new environment and household. Lane’s social worker believes they will do well in an understanding family who will support and help ease their transition into a new home. And it’s worth another mention – Lane would like it to be stressed that they value animals highly, and appreciate families who have pets or who would be open to the idea of having them.

If you can see Lane in your family, please reach out to us! We are so excited to find them the loving home they deserve.

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