Meet Aleah

Aleah is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Full of: Artistic talent and creativity
Can talk for hours on: Minecraft
Wants to have: A pet leopard gecko
Looking for: A supportive adoptive family

Aleah is an outgoing, social, and personable teen. Human connection is so important and Aleah is someone who really understands that. She’s always excited to share more about her interests with everyone from old friends to new people, so it's no surprise that Aleah wanted to be involved in sharing directly with potential families herself. Catch Aleah's creativity, self-expression, and top interests all throughout her In-Depth Profile!

Aleah's favorite hobbies: videogaming, reading, writing

Aleah loves to express herself through her artwork. It's an easy task for her to fill an entire sketchbook in the span of a few weeks. Aleah especially likes to draw her own original characters, who are constantly changing and evolving along with Aleah's artistic abilities and imagination. She's created an entire world featuring original characters like Comet (currently the main character of the bunch), Luna, Star, Galaxy, and Eclypse. She relates a lot to these intergalactic characters and takes pride in featuring them in all different forms in her sketchbook.

Aleah's favorite board games and card games: monopoly, OG, war, speed, nerts, around the clock, solitaire, pyramid

Aleah's creativity isn’t limited to just her artwork, though. She writes from time to time and can be super innovative in one of her favorite video games, Minecraft. She's also a total bookworm, with her favorite books being the Warriors series. A typical teenager, Aleah definitely appreciates having time on her phone. On the other hand, Aleah is usually quick to initiate a round of cards or a board game night, as she really values spending quality time with those around her.

Flaunting fabulous hairstyles is another favorite form of self-expression for Aleah. She was excited to share a photo montage of her most recent haircut and dye job!

As for school, Aleah does really well even during the world of virtual learning. Aleah always works very hard in school and enjoys learning new things. She's been enjoying math class and health class the most lately. Her social worker says that Aleah puts "a great deal of time and energy” into completing her assignments. Aleah is super proud of the progress she’s made in her education and in her life otherwise.

Aleah's favorite foods: pizza, cheeseburgers, sloppy joes, meatball subs, tacos. Aleah's favorite colors: red, white, black, green, blue, purple.

Another thing to know about Aleah is that she's a total animal lover. She's enjoyed spending time with goats, bunnies, and cats in the past, but is happy as long as she gets to be in the company of any furry (or not-so-furry) animal friend. Aleah really wants to have her own leopard gecko someday (specifically the cookies and cream or Oreo variety. Go look it up!), and would also like to learn more about having a sugar glider!

Aleah would like to have a pet sugar glider or a leopard gecko.

When it comes to the future, Aleah has more than a few goals in mind for herself. She's looking forward to getting her drivers license, a job, and has her eyes set on going to college. Washington State University is her top pick right now, and she's interested in finding a program for "going to space" or to become a YouTuber/animator. Having a family to help Aleah figure out what she's truly interested in and wants to pursue in life will be so important!

Aleah really wants to find her permanent home, and the family that's committed to sticking around for the long haul. One of the things she's most looking forward to? Playing video games all together, as a family! She's also excited to share her favorite holidays, Halloween and Christmas, with her adoptive family.

Aleah wants to find an understanding and patient family, one that's willing to meet her where she's at. Aleah has a few important relationships that she'd like to continue to maintain, especially with her older brother. Aleah and her social worker are ready and excited to hear from all kinds of families. Aleah would also like to note that she's looking for a family who's supportive and accepting of the LGBTQ+ community.

If you can see this creative, video game loving, wonderful teenager as a part of your family, please reach out to us! We can't wait for Aleah to find the permanent home and family she deserves.

Could you see Aleah as part of your family?