Meet Nevaeh

Nevaeh is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Loves: Curating music playlists
Future plans: To go to college
Pronoun: No preference
Ready for: Permanent parents

Ever since she was a little kid, Nevaeh was determining favorite songs and making playlists. She'd eventually get involved in choir and band. Just recently, she did an eight week music production workshop and relished every moment of it.

It's no surprise she'd want to share her passion for music directly with potential adoptive families:

This talented teen has flourished not just in music, but broadly in the world of performing arts. Nevaeh played one of the lost boys in Peter Pan and even choreographed a few original dance moves – a story she is not able to share without smiling! She’s a super involved teen. Besides her passion for music and drama, she is really involved in community events and after school activities, including the QSA (Queer-Straight Alliance) of her school.

When it comes to music, Nevaeh says, "It's one of the things that I care about the most." She shared her passion for playlists by curating five of her top songs, so families can get a taste for her wide musical styles. Please note, the top 10 list would have also included musicals!

Nevaeh identifies as queer, specifically agender, though she explains that, “Labels are not something that I find important.” For this reason, she does not have a preferred pronoun. She is looking for a family that supports her as agender and says, “They have to know that that’s just who I am.”

In school, Nevaeh does well and wants to get involved in Running Start as soon as she can. Nevaeh states that, “I am definitely going to college.” She desires to go to a school where she can fulfill her current dreams of becoming either a therapist or a teacher. With classes that tend to be a bit more challenging, Nevaeh has no problem asking for help. In fact, part of why she wants to be a teacher is because she knows that she’d always bring in the extra help that her students need. An adoptive family who can encourage and support Nevaeh as she works toward her goals would be a really great addition to her life.

Nevaeh really likes to stay busy. She’s an awesome teen who knows what she needs and knows how to ask for it. She has an incredible sense of humor, which definitely comes across in the videos she was involved in for this In-Depth Profile. Nevaeh is also not at all afraid to try new things. As she is great at expressing herself and is really outgoing – she can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. While she usually would say she is a “city person,” she’s simultaneously a big fan of animals and loves to care for dogs, cats, and even ponies!

An important part of Nevaeh’s life is her relationship with her biological siblings and a few other key members of her biological family. An adoptive family who will support and cherish those bonds throughout Nevaeh’s life will be essential. Nevaeh will do well in any family configuration. She really wants to stay local in order to maintain her relationship with her siblings and her friends at school. An open-minded and accepting family who loves theater, music, and animals would be a great fit for Nevaeh.

If you can envision Nevaeh in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

Nevaeh and Brandon (NWAE staff) show the behind the scenes moments, so families can glimpse the process of getting this In-Depth Profile to reflect what Nevaeh wanted to share. Brandon adds some of his own commentary on working with Nevaeh, too!

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