Meet Kronic "Nikki"

Meet Nikki! With her fun personality, Nikki is easy to talk to and makes a great conversationalist. Nikki has a wonderful sense of humor and is very empathetic towards others. Overall, Nikki is good at school, sports, working with animals, and she loves spending time with little kids. She is thoughtful and caring with pets and small children and enjoys devoting her time and energy to both.

A particularly insightful teen, Nikki loves to read and then have stimulating conversations about the books she’s diving into. Reading is something that truly makes Nikki happy and content. Nikki has read Chronicles of Nick and has impressively read the Harry Potter series more than five times! Nikki has played sports in the past and enjoys soccer and softball. Her favorite movie is currently Marley and Me. Nikki has been camping and reportedly likes it “a little bit.” She also likes hiking. However, if she could go on vacation anywhere in the world she would go to London, because that's where you can apparently make your own KitKats. Who knew?!

Nikki also dreams of visiting LA someday because there are a lot of famous TikTokers and YouTubers there. She would be beyond thrilled to run into one of her favorite TikTok or YouTube stars! Nikki’s favorite thing about herself is her blue eyes, because blue just happens to be her favorite color. She has a lot of fun dressing up and doing her makeup, but also enjoys sports and hanging out on the farm getting dirty. Nikki enjoys a wide variety of music. “Angels and Demons”, “Broken Halos”, and “Die a Little” are some of her favorite songs at the moment. Nikki also has an artistic streak and enjoys painting, drawing, and crafting.

When it comes to meals, Nikki has strong standards! She does not like salad, ranch flavors, or fish, and having different foods mingle on her plate won’t fly for Nikki. She’d be up for taco casserole or homemade nachos anytime though! Nikki’s team thinks she would enjoy having parents who can help her learn to cook and will spend time together in the kitchen.

A good student, Nikki generally does well in school. As an avid reader, it’s no surprise that she excels in English class. Drones is her least favorites subject. She likes in-person classes and is really looking forward to going back to in-person school in the near future. She really appreciates live peer interactions and learning in the school environment.

Nikki has ongoing contact with some members of her biological family. Staying in contact with them is important to her and she hopes to be able to maintain these relationships. Nikki would also like to keep up a relationship with her current foster family.

Nikki deserves a family that will value spending quality time with her. She thrives with one-on-one focused attention, and it is the best way for her to connect with the adults in her life. She has voiced that she would be happy with a single mom or a mom and dad. She could do well with younger children in the home as long as she’s still able to get a lot of attention and one-on-one time. Nikki says that she would be okay with a family that attends church regularly, but is still exploring her own thoughts and beliefs around religion.

If you can understand the love of getting lost in a good book or have a knack for arts and crafts, you’d probably get along well with Nikki. Nikki deserves a family that will love her and help show her that the world that is full of possibilities. If that sounds like yours, please reach out to us! We can’t wait to find her the adoptive family that she deserves.

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