Meet Audrianna

Active, happy, and energetic, Audrianna is a burst of light, bringing lots of life and brightness to a room. Because of her energetic personality, it’s probably no surprise that Audrianna really enjoys playing outdoors! The more she can get outside and enjoy invigorating fresh air, the better! When indoors, Audrianna is likely listening to music, which she loves, or playing games on her computer. Audrianna is also a creative type and really enjoys drawing or getting lost in a great book.

Currently in the 5th grade, Audrianna is doing well navigating the world of remote learning. Her favorite subject is reading, of course, and she works best in small groups with lots of support and structure. Audrianna is a super smart kid and will thrive with the support and encouragement of an adoptive family, in and outside of the classroom.

The two most important qualities to Audrianna are fairness and the well-being of herself and her loved ones. Audrianna is best supported when her caregivers are fair, supportive, and positive in their guidance. Audrianna is really big on rules and consistent routines, and would really do well in an adoptive family who is as well.

Audrianna has biological siblings in her life that are important to her. Her future adoptive family should support and encourage those bonds.

The ideal family for Audrianna is one in which she could be the youngest of much older siblings, or the only child. Audrianna deserves an adoptive family who will prioritize and listen to her while supporting her and making her feel very loved.

If you can see Audrianna in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

Could you see Audrianna as part of your family?