Meet Dillinger

Definitely a kid who is excited at the prospect of the great outdoors, it’s probably no surprise that most of Dillinger’s favorite activities take place outside. Among his hobbies are swimming, running, and riding his bike. Always open to new adventures, we bet Dillinger will have even more to add to that list as the years go by. And while being outside is invigorating and fun, Dillinger enjoys some quiet, peaceful activities too. Among his indoor hobbies are reading and coloring.

Dillinger is a kind-hearted and compassionate kid who really connects well with people. He has a great sense of humor and specifically wants potential adoptive families to know that he enjoys being sarcastic and having fun.

In school, Dillinger is intelligent, motivated, and focused. He is proud of his grades and is always striving to do his best. He is so proud that he has been featured in the paper for both Student of the Week and Student of the Month achievements. He deserves the right adoptive family to cheer him on!

Dillinger wants potential adoptive families to know that above all, he simply wants to feel like part of a family. Adding on to that, Dillinger wants to let everyone know that he is open to changes, likes the outdoors (see above!), and really appreciates when he’s given time and space to figure things out on his own in order to get the best learning experience out of the situation. Dillinger also notes that he’d prefer to be an only child, or to have a couple of siblings around his age or older.

Dillinger wants a kind family.” Dillinger’s social worker

An active adoptive family who enjoys exploring together would be a great fit for Dillinger. He’s great with animals and currently lives in a home where the two family pugs ignore everyone else if Dillinger is in the room. He has a nurturing, kind spirit and really can’t wait to find the place he belongs. Dillinger also has relationships with a few members of his biological family, and would appreciate an adoptive family who will help him nurture those bonds.

Dillinger does his best when he is supported and surrounded by people who care for him. We're excited to help him find that. If you can see Dillinger in your family, please reach out to us.

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